Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information

Library Inside Our Brain

How To Houseclean Your Mind? (Introduction)

Step One :  Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information 

Rule Of The Library – Keep the book in the same place you picked it from. 

Have you seen a library? What if all the books in a library were removed from the shelf and simply piled up in the ground? It would take so much of time for a person to find the book they are looking for.

But all the libraries follow strict arrangement. All books are arranged according to the categories and according to the alphabetical order. You pick a book from a section and keep it back in its place. Doesn’t it make it so much easier?

Apply the rule to your mind.

When you come across any information that is important to you, for example, a phone number or an appointment with the dentist that is very important to you. Do not just throw it in your mind. KEEP IT IN THE CORRECT PLACE.

Now how would you do that?

Good question.

The solution may look time consuming given the fact that things happen so quickly but its simple and as you practice it, your mind will become used to it. So after a certain time, It will automatically start doing it on its own because you have trained it to.

Next time when you come across a certain important information that you want to remember, STOP yourself from whatever that you are doing and instruct your mind about it. Like

” 10071007 is my audition center’s number. I have it in my memory and I will remember it when I need it.”

” I have an appointment with Dr. Francis on the 25th Of March at 6 PM. I will remember to be there on time.”

” My wife has asked me to get Milk, Sugar, Bread And Eggs from the Mart while coming back home. I will remember to pick them up while coming back home from work.”

Can you see what a little statement of yours is doing?

You are categorizing your information into phone numbers, appointments and shopping list. Your mind is now putting every information in the correct department of your mind and it will make sure to nudge you when you have asked it to.

Lets move onto the next step Keep Your Brain System Free From Malwares And Viruses.”

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4 thoughts on “Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information

  1. Hmmm, no matter how I try to fix my things.. in all of a sudden, it chaotic again.. LOL

    • Haha. As long as your not the one closing the door of your car upon your own foot, I think you are still better than me 🙂 lol

  2. curvyelvie

    Reading this again….very good advice. We are telling our minds what to do “remember dot dot” instead of “don’t forget” love it!

  3. So simple, but crucial!!

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