Housecleaning Your Mind To A Powerful Mind & Better Life

Housecleaning Your Mind For Better Thinking

Hello beautiful folks. Yeah yeah here I am once again with the “Mission” I started. Lol.

So in our previous two blogs of Mind Power we covered a lot of stuff. The first one being the Introduction that talks about the basics of how our mind works and how everything that happens inside our mind is connected to the outside word. In the second blog Open Your Mind Right Now, I have clearly discussed how your thoughts effect your life and how to change your thoughts for a better life. 

This blog continues with the previous blog focusing on your thoughts and your reality. 

Why do we all keep our house clean? (well not all of us. Not me really. lol)
Why do you think the boss’s table is always clean?
Why are the books in the Library always in their place?

Answer : To keep things clean, throw away junk stuff, have perfect order and accessible when it is needed.

The same formula goes for our mind.

Why should you houseclean your mind?

Everyday of your life, your mind is constantly downloading, processing and uploading millions of information within flick of seconds. There are innumerable information that it absorbs everyday. There are important information and then there are the junks.

These information are simply dumped up in a pile. Each and every minute of your life, this pile gets bigger and bigger and bigger. 

Hence when you want a certain piece of information from your mind, it gets overloaded with the work of digging and digging through piles and piles and piles of information and ultimately gets exhausted before it can give out the information. This does not mean that you have forgotten it. NEVER. Or that it got erased from your memory. NEVER

Whatever you read, hear or see, even for a second gets stored in your memory FOR EVER. The only reason you seem to forget it when needed is because you did not put it in the right place for when it would be needed. You just threw it away in the pile of information.

Placing your information correctly in the right place, would always help you know where to get the information from. Your mind will work faster and you will find yourself easily accessing all the information in your mind. 

If this blog hasn’t bored you and you insist on finding out how you can Houseclean Your Mind, I have broken down the blog into 3 enjoyable steps.

Step # 1 : Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information
Step # 2 : Keep Your Brain System Free From Malwares And Viruses
Step # 3 : Download “Anti-Virus” For Your Brain To Protect It From Negative Thoughts

If you find this helpful, Don’t be selfish :P. Share it with people you care about.

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4 thoughts on “Housecleaning Your Mind To A Powerful Mind & Better Life

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  2. This post has got to be the most important piece of information I needed in my life right now 🙂 Thank YOU for posting this!

    • You are most welcome. Glad that my words could be of any help to you. Take care and good luck.

  3. Ace

    This is very helpful! Thanks!

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