Download “Antivirus” For Your Brain To Protect It From Negative Thoughts

Internet Stone Age Antivirus Program

How To Houseclean Your Mind? (Introduction)
Step One :  Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information
Step Two : Keep Your Brain System Free From Malwares And Viruses

Step Three : Download “Antivirus” For Your Brain To Protect It From Negative Thoughts

Now that we have successfully arranged all the information in our mind and we know how to easily access them and also we have removed all the malwares and viruses from our mind, the next and last step would to protect our mind from having negative thoughts.

Because honestly, negative energies never stop coming to you. They keep coming back as they are always around you.

“I am gonna be sick. I can feel it.”
“I have a feeling my presentation will not be good tomorrow.”
“I think I am gonna fail in the exam.”
“I really can’t stand that cousin of mine. He is annoying and speaks boring.”

These are all negative thoughts. And the more you have negative thoughts, the more your subconscious mind is going to make those things happen.

So to avoid this, I have a simple ANTIVIRUS which will take care of all your negative thoughts

So let me guess what your questions would be….

What exactly is this antivirus?

This antivirus is a 100% guaranteed program. It is sure to work like a charm.

 Where can I get it?

It is an inbuilt program right inside everyone but you have not yet activated it.

How does it work?

It works as soon as you activate it. So I will be giving you the “KEY” which will activate this antivirus in your brain and protect you from processing any negative thoughts.

What is the cost of it?

Well…Everything has a cost. Nothing is free. So the cost of this key is, I need positive and good energies sent to me 🙂

And the key to this antivirus is, “CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL.” 

Next time when you happen to find yourself thinking about any negative thought, I want you to stop yourself and say “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel” and then after you have cancelled your negative thought, think about something good and positive. 

Like :

“I think it’s going to rain tomorrow and ruin our picnic.”
“Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful, bright and sunny day. Perfect for picnics.”

This is one of the best methods to stop your subconscious mind from processing any of your negative thoughts and helps you focus on the positive thoughts that will make your life better.

Remember, your thoughts have power. What’s inside is what’s outside. To change the outside, you have to change the inside first.

I hope these steps have helped you somehow to make your life better.

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16 thoughts on “Download “Antivirus” For Your Brain To Protect It From Negative Thoughts

  1. A really thoughtful & creative post Aisha. 🙂 Great job with this post. Are you a computer professional? Because no one else can think about such a post. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Oh Thank you so much. And ummm no em not a computer professional. I am a curious little sister of a computer professional brother and since childhood I have annoyed him with million of curious questions about computers. My addiction to systems and programs comes from there 🙂

      • That’s something really wonderful. I think your brother must be very proud of you. 🙂 Does not really matter if you are a computer professional or not. I am really glad you know computer in so detail. 🙂

        • Oh trust me if he had a hammer in his hand, em sure it would have been in my head. Disturbing a guy while he is with his love (computer) is like entering the dragon dungeon. But lucky for us, Mom didn’t allow violence of any sort at home 🙂

  2. Christine

    I want to be a positive person,and i know that what i learned from you will make me one.thank u so much

  3. Rose Kwenaite

    Thank you so much, now i know i can make my dreams cum true through my subconcious mind.

  4. Aishaaaa 😀
    I read this today. Seriously, its so easy to become a positive person. I loved the way you explained how to stop negative thoughts to process. Cancel cancel cancel.
    I be like Cut it Cut it Cut it. 🙂

    • Glad you liked it. I try to keep it as simple as possible so no one runs away 🙂

  5. Jacob

    Hey i loved ur blog…..but i couldnt get the steps to attain alpha state…..please include that also….

    • Hi Jacob….

      I received your energy in advance and let me tell you, I have already written a blog on your mentioned query. I will have it posted tomorrow. Do check back.

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  7. Nel

    Thank you very much

  8. Tahani

    I realy like the way you are explaining, thank you Aisha,, i appreciate your efforts.

  9. Hello, Aisha
    I want to ask you something and I think you will answer to me with” No, you can’t!”, but I have to ask you- is it possible to change my gender. I am asking this because I am a transsexual but the weirdest thing is that I don’t think that it is the worst thing ever. I think that I learned many things from being a girl in a boy’s body. I learned to respect all people, independently frow their sexuality, race, gender, religion,etc. I also learned that being a girl is not only hairstyles, makeup, clothes and shoes, but means to be a good, sensitive,caring person, who is just itself. I learned all that and I just wish to become a normal girl, because I know that I will become a whole person. I will be really thankful if you answer to my question. I believe in miracles. Actually it won’t be such a miracle, because if I become a girl, it will become because of the Mind Power, but I want to be sure that it is really possible. Thank you in advance.

  10. Ddd

    Hi Aisha I just read your blog and it’s amazing .I had a question I really would like to become fair I I tried visualising and meditating however after a few days I start loosing faith and i havent noticed any results its been 6-7months now .I don’t know what should I do

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