Mirage Of Happiness

Mirage Painting

Walking towards my school where my social life is. My friends are standing. A wide smile spread over my face, sparkles in my eyes and shoulders held tight with confidence, strength and grace that most people would die for. 

Meeting my friends and talking to them is such a wonderful feeling in itself. Ain’t it?

Person 1 : So how was your weekend, Aisha?

Me: Oh it was awesome. Was my parents anniversary so we kids threw them a surprise party. It was awesome. There were relatives and we had wondeful time.

Person 2 : Oh wow. That sounds really great. My parents usually go out on their anniversary. They say its their own personal moment in life while our birthday is a public event. *Laughs*

Person 1: *Laughs*. Still better. My parents coincidentally have a fight one day before so there is no partying of any sort. Now I am starting to think it’s their trick to avoid the party cost. *Giggles*

Me : *Proudly* Well my parents are really cool. The party was amazing. We were dancing late night and most of the guests decided to stay overnight because we all were having great time and no body wanted to go home.

Person 1 : Kool

Person 2 : Kool

Person 1: Here comes the bus. Are you coming?

Me: Ummm no. I better wait here. My mom is going to pick me up. She doesn’t like me travelling in the buses. Em the princess you see *tongue out*

As my friends walk into the bus and the bus goes away.

I start walking back from where I came.

Lying to your friends and faking out happiness is such a heavy guilt feeling. Ain’t it?

Walking towards my Orphanage House, where my real life is, as an orphan. A sad sorrow spreads my face, tears in my eyes, shoulders dragging down with timidity, weakness and clumsiness that most people would die of. 

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One thought on “Mirage Of Happiness

  1. uzma

    it touches my heart…great!!

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