Your So Called Religion Ain’t No Religion After All

Humanity Is My Religion

I have been a JFL (Just For Laughs) addict ever since I was a child. I remember I used to watch them with my family and the giggles that would fill the room. Recently I was watching few JFL videos from youtube and I must confess sometimes I feel chained. I move from one video to another and keep saying just one more until I have spent 3 hours.

Anyway, this is not what the blog is about as you can read the title.

It so happened that I was watching one of the JFL videos and they were as usual pranking people. One pregnant lady would ask their victim to look after her 3 kids while she went to the Public Toilet and after sometime she comes back with a baby in her arms. Now among those people one was a girl in Scarf. Yes she was a Muslim.

Apparently she wasn’t a terrorist, had no guns and neither was she harassing, abusing, torturing the kids while the pregnant lady went to the toilet. She was smiling, talking to the kids and looking after them.

When I moved to see the comments, there were no laughs. There was a battle going on over Religion. Some people swearing, cursing or talking about Islam and others swearing and cursing back at them for having said so.

There was another JFL video where there were 2 Nuns who asked for charity and when their prank victim gave them coins, they would buy themselves a drink. Again the comments were full of some people swearing at the religion while the others swearing back at them.

You know what?

Let me tell you.

For no matter which God you follow, whether you go to church, mosque, temple, if you bend on the ground or stand to pray, NO RELIGION TEACHES YOU TO MISBEHAVE WITH OTHERS.

In fact all religion are based on equality, love, peace and brotherhood. To respect others. To be calm with others. To help others when they need. That all people, white or black, male or female, tall or short, beautiful or ugly are creations of the God (which-so-ever name you ascribe him with). That they all should be loved as your brothers.

This is called humanity and HUMANITY IS THE GREATEST RELIGION because every religion teaches you to be HUMAN.

I have been schooled since childhood in a place where every religion kids came. My friends include Muslims, Hindus and Christians. They have come to my house on Eids and I have gone to their house on Diwalis and Christmases. My prayer has never effected them and neither their prayers have effected me.

If a man hits his wife, rapes young girl, blasts a school building, looses virginity before marriage or murders someone, ITS NOT HIS/HER RELIGION. It’s because he/she has some serious mental issues, personal choices or it is the culture he/she was brought up in.

How can you possibly expect someone to respect your religion when you are the one swearing and abusing others. :S :S :S That’s silly you know. Its more of like this :

Say My Religion Is Peaceful Or Die

Don’t blame religion for the mistakes of culture because true religion is HUMANITY and every religion teaches us so.

If you are a Muslim or a Hindu or a Jew or a Christian, before disrespecting other’s religion you should first respect your own religion. Because swearing at others religion is not what your religion has taught you. So if you are misbehaving, cursing, swearing or insulting other’s religion you are actually doing something against your own religion.

The people who insult others religion and only respect their own religion have No Religion at all because Humanity is the greatest religion.

As a Muslim, I love, respect and care all other Religion because this is what my religion is. What’s Yours?

Peace 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Your So Called Religion Ain’t No Religion After All

  1. Yes, I did like your post initially. You’re right that humanity is the religion to be followed by all despite of their communal differences.
    But somehow, in the end- I wasn’t totally convinced…. you seemed to have contradicted your own point.

    • Thank You.

      If you are referring to the last line, I think you misunderstood it. When I said “That is what my religion has taught me”, I was referring to my Humanity Religion. What I meant was that being a Muslim, my religion is Humanity first. Keeping aside what prayers I do and what name I ascribe to my God, my religion (humanity) has taught me to respect, care and love other religion.

      So in the end, I was implying that no matter what religion you are following, every religion will teach you humanity.

      I hope that was clear.

      • Oh! Yes, you’re right… I took that particular statement in some other sense. Well I appreciate your view point.
        Keep writing!

  2. Leviticus 19:18 “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.”
    Aisha I understand how you feel. When I turned into Christianity all my relatives rejected me! Including my own father. But Jesus told me that God is love, and I should forgive them the same way my Lord forgives me. My plan of love worked and now they respect my religion and my choices. Those people who wrote the ugly comments, we ought to pity them! Because they don’t know God, and don’t understand his commandments. “Love each other as I have loved you”
    BTW: I am an Arab, my name is Rana and I am not a terrorist:) i can’t even harm an ant!
    Bless you.

    • Wow. That’s wonderful. Love, patience and respect works and walks a long way and you have proved it.

      If only everyone would just stop fighting over Religion and see how wonderful every person really is, the world would be so much of a better place. These are the principles we should inculcate within our children, friends and people around.

      Thank you for contributing with an encouraging story.

  3. uzma

    yes you are several places i have seen that in comments sections there is a war against each other..and people actually cross their limits in abusing…which reflects the mentality…there religion sets aside and ur behaviour show what kind of human u are..and first of all v r humans then muslim, christians or hindus etc…

  4. Reblogged this on Milenanik3's Blog.

  5. javeeria

    I love this blog and it is so true…i love surfing through the youtube videos as well and I feel so infuriated by these low life people who think like this..every religion teaches us to respect others. This is a basic tenet…but people in today’s world are very selfish and proud about everything…i dont know what is the satisfaction out of these things????

    • Yeah. Abusing others has kinda become a very brave act to be proud of.Needless to say its from both sides. One swearing the other person’s religion and other person swearing back at him for swearing at his religion. LOL.

      So in my eyes, both of them are equally wrong as both are acting in the same manner.

      A person’s real religion lies in his/her behavior and words.

  6. curvyelviesays

    I am with you one hundred percent in agreement. I think blaming a person’s religion when they do something is just wrong. A religon is an entity but, cannot be blamed what is done in it’s name.

    • Thank you Elvie and I am glad so many people think the same. We just need to spread this message so that we may all live together happily irrespective of what religion we are.

  7. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! My own mother is against me because my beliefs are not Christianity… and this makes me feel so much more at peace with my choices. “you don’t need religion to have morals, if you cant determine right from wrong then you lack empathy, not religion” quote unknown

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