What Is This Warm Feeling In My Stomach? :D

I have always felt that beautiful, elegant and charming cold feeling in my stomach every time I snatched an ice cream from a Kid’s hand on the street, spilled a drink over the next girl, puked right in middle of a beautiful park while everyone around is making BBQ, scared the hell out of a friend just when she was watching horror movie, abused and insulted people, made someone cry, broke an appliance in the house, being lazy and not doing my chores…..

*stops herself from being carried away*

Ummmm yeah so the endless list of more of those wonderful stuff…. You got the point, right?

So as I was saying, After doing stuff like that, I always felt that cold feeling in my stomach which is very adorable and feels so good that it makes me smile like the wicked step sisters of cinderella.

Today, Something unusual happened.

As I fell into another beautiful and fascinating argument with a person (something I love to do), Instead of throwing a nearby lamp over the person’s head, I decided to try my meditation skills.

One important thing I have learned through Mind Power is that when we become angry or stressed, a million stuff goes in our body. Our blood pressure increases, digestion stops, heart beat fluctuates, hormones imbalance (pimples, acne, sudden oily skin, oily scalp, hair fall, dry skin and so on), pressure on the head, losing the ability to think straight etc etc etc….. All this happens within seconds of the moment we get angry or stressed.

The question is, “Is your stress/anger/frustration worth all that?” Is that a question or situation of life and death? Are you on your death-bed? Is something so damn effing important than the matter of life and death for you? Answer is NO.

Once you understand this concept and every time ask yourself this question at the time of stress/anger, you will be amazed to find HOW SILLY YOU HAVE BEEN. Because we simply get angry/stressed for small things in life.

My coffee isn’t hot,
my employees haven’t done their work properly,
my kids have just done something annoying,
my husband has come home late,
i missed my class due to someone else,
I lost my money in an investment,
my toast got burnt,
I have to meet people who annoy me

Are these really worth your anger or stress??? Are they worth making your body go through so many UNHEALTHY AND DANGEROUS process?

So after having realized that I personally have been getting stressed and angry over small issues, I now question myself every time I find myself at the base level of anger/ stress. I ask myself if this issue is that huge? When the answer comes as NO, I kill my stress and anger at the base level and do not give it a chance to reach high level.

That is exactly what I did today. Instead of getting angry at the person, I questioned myself in my mind and my mind said, “Dah girl. You don’t have to make your body go through so much coz of this silly person.”

And soon not only the anger went away, I found myself more easily cooping with the person.

But now what I don’t understand is this weird warm feeling in my stomach that I have never felt before. I don’t know what it is 😀

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3 thoughts on “What Is This Warm Feeling In My Stomach? :D

  1. Jana


    could you please describe me more the warm feeling in your stomach? I experienced very refreshing,peacefull and loving feeling of warmness in my stomach and I do not know what it was. Could you please help me out with it?
    Thank you

    • ummm okay this is strange.

      I was actually talking about the warm feeling that comes when you do something nice. Something different that your usual behavior just for the sake of higher peace.

      So if you experienced something like that in a dream, it a very good feeling. Why don’t you share your dream so that I may help you further. I feel like you really need someone to talk to. I am a good hearer. So if there is anything, let me know.

      Take care 🙂

  2. Jana

    I should have add it was in a dream. Thank you.

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