Why I Hate These Delicious Chinese Grass Pudding

Chinese Grass Pudding With Cherries

Today, My mom decided to make some Chinese Grass Pudding late at night (late because my mom doesn’t do cooking after 7 PM). It was literally too late for her as she entered kitchen at 9PM something.

Soon as she kept the desert on the table to cool down and form shape, I was already anxiously walking here and there around the table.

Had someone seen me at that moment beside the table, I would have looked like the Husband, standing outside the Labor Room while his wife was inside, delivering their first baby probably with complications.

I kept asking my mom how long it would take to set, whether it would turn hard or not, if it would set quicker in the fridge etc etc etc. And she would keep comforting me that its going to be all fine. Once or twice I even peeked into the pudding to see if it was ready at which I was told to be patient as it could take sometime. 

Can you now imagine what I have been through?

It was a really difficult time for me. To go through all that pressure and anxiety was more than I could take in. To wait was the hard. But to keep thinking of how tasty it would be, how it would taste, feel in my mouth , that sweet sweet feeling and yet to wait was the hardest.

But hey, I made it.

Finally the Pudding was ready to eat and I made it to be the first standing with plate and spoon. I ate the most as compared to others who in my opinion just had nibbles while I was mouthful. I had more than my share to be honest so my mom kept the remaining on the table and soon everyone at home went to sleep.

Can you guess my pains ahead?

Yes exactly.

My mind has kept revolving around that pudding box on the table. Since then have I have eaten some then I eaten some more and then I eaten a little more.

You see the problem with this pudding is that it is so extremely light that you simply cannot be full no matter how much you eat. And the problem with me is that I cannot stop eating a desert until I am full. Until I cannot eat further.


I have already eaten half of the left overs, needless to say which wasn’t my share. And I am pretty much sure that within a few more minutes I will be eating some more from it and then some more.

So in the morning, when others open the box to eat their share, they are going to find it empty.


It’s the pudding…. not me… 😦

And that’s why I hate this delicious chinese grass pudding 😦 😦 😦

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2 thoughts on “Why I Hate These Delicious Chinese Grass Pudding

  1. Oh I so get you..its not your fault at all ..if at all it is first the puddings fault that its so tasty and then your mom’s that she made it so yummy and then kept it on the table and last but not the least the universe and global warming they all are culprits 😆

    • Oh yes definitely universe and global warming are one of the main culprits. Really thank you for raising this point.
      I feel like a mountain lifted off my shoulder.


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