The Call Of Duty? Nah. It’s “The Call Of Daddy”

Father And Daughter Relationship

One morning I was woken up way earlier with the happy screaming of my mom.

My dad gave us a surprise visit this week. Although he has come for a week only, The happiness to find him unexpectedly outside the door one morning was very delightful. The surprise visit was more of a shock 😀 .

Damn I wish he had told us before hand so we could prepare ourselves.

Prepare for what?

Well, my Dad is like that Major General of The Army. He works by the clock and expects everything to be in perfect order. If there is a broken tap in the kitchen, it is a MAJOR CRISIS. A terrorist attack. A trap to destroy the entire world. A huge propaganda against humanity and unless we fix it, WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE.

Haha. No em just kidding (not really lol).

He actually wants everything safe and perfect around us. Whenever we have something broken, he wants to fix it ASAP so we wouldn’t have any problem. As he came home with a surprise, we had no time to, “Hide the evidences of terrorism lying everywhere in our house.”

I am just too lazy as you know already.

Soon as his body was replenished with enough sleep, his eyes started working like a charged scanner that could zoom in and out every nook and corner of the house. Immediately his question ran, “Where are the tools.”

Oh darn. The tools. Damn it. I didn’t put them in a proper place. They were all in a bad, jumbled and messed up inside a bag. Some parts were even missing. Damn it.

After a little lecture on how I mistreated the house “weapons,” he sorted them out neatly and was fixing the loose tap in kitchen, the shower in the bathroom, the electricity board etc etc


His eyes found the broken TV plug. He called me and I went to him like an innocent girl and said, “Yes Dad?”

Another lecture fell upon me on how careless I was and how I could get electric shock due to the broken plug. He got another plug that was right inside the tool box and said, “Fix It.”

If it were my mom, I would have said, “Okay Mom” but eventually forget about it for days and months. But it was DAD. THE DAD.

I immediately got the tools, removed the old broken plug and fixed the new one. The plastic clamp of the new plug was broken at one side but I just ignored and tightened the screw. Then I went back, opened the plug once again, took the clamp from the older plug which was fine and fixed it on the new one.

Better now.

After I was done, my Dad opened it once again to see if I had done it properly, and at that time, I thanked God that I fixed the clamp thingi. HAHA.

He checked, closed it again, plugged in the socket and started watching TV.

*PHEW that was close*

I am spending this week grabbing tools from here to there, getting this and that and helping him with stuff. Some work of course I love. Anything related to fixing appliances or sockets or boards and I am in. But there are stuff  which I may or may not like.

But boy do I have a choice? With the Call Of Daddy, It’s always a YES SIR.

Or else…

You get fired, Only to be hired again so that you may be fired again 😦 😦 😦

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5 thoughts on “The Call Of Duty? Nah. It’s “The Call Of Daddy”

  1. Elvie

    Father’s have a tendency to put things to order. This blog made me miss my Dad. It was funny and sweet.

    • That’s true. Father’s words have more impact that mother’s.

      Btw please check your spam comments. I think my comments got spammed on your blog 😦

  2. uzma

    so house must be in a fine form now..good 🙂

  3. Josh

    You are so lucky to have a close relationship with your father! I grew up with 3 sisters, but would like to have daughters of my own ASAP (the more, the better). However…I am worried I might spoil them….:-/

    • Haha. Fathers do have the tendency to spoil their daughters but their love keeps them intact.

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