Things You Should Never, I Repeat NEVER Do Or Try.

Curiosity With The Pandoras BoxI know there is that small little curious cat inside of us who sees things with bambi eyes and makes such a pleading face that we fall in the traps of its seductive looks and do things that we should have never done.

Here are things that you should never do or try no matter how tempting it is. You have to kill that curious cat right then and there or else…… Well, just trust me… I speaketh from experience.

1. If you have a top loading watching machine and you see the clothes spinning in the spinner. I know you all feel like putting your hands in that running spinner. Aah I know that temptation.  But DO NOT, never ever put your hand in a running spinner because it WILL hurt your hand real bad.

2. That label on your shirt itching your neck. DO NOT ever pull it out because it WILL tear your shirt (probably the reason half my shirts are torn/have holes behind. 

3. That exact label you just pulled out of your shirt. I know you are real mad at it because it has totally rashed your neck, but no matter how furious you are, NEVER burn it with fire. The label WILL spread the fire quickly and in moments reach your hands resulting in hand burn.

4. While washing knives, DO NOT get distracted or think about anything else. Concentrate on your work or you WILL end up with cut fingers.

5. Never tie a pony tail or a bun to your hair while entering or exit through the door opening. Why? Because both your elbows will be out and one of them WILL DEFINITELY hit the wall as you try to pass through the door opening. And trust me, it hurts like hell.

6. NEVER try to catch a falling iron while you are ironing. Remember its hot, and catching it WILL burn your hand.

7. If you are rumbling through your cabinet and something falls down, close the cabinet door first, else when you get up, you WILL hit your head on the opened cabinet door.

8. DO NOT burn plastic wrappers, they WILL melt and stick to your hand like glue. Hard to remove while it’s still hot and burning your skin.

9. While opening the latch of the door, DO NOT place the flesh part of your hand where the latch will be pulled back. Your hand WILL get in the latch and cause injury.

10. NEVER EVER make coffee/tea/juice or even fill a glass of water because it WILL spill on the ground and you WILL break something.

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3 thoughts on “Things You Should Never, I Repeat NEVER Do Or Try.

  1. uzma 5 and 7 have been experienced by me too…it really hurts like hell 😦

  2. uzma

    oh thank you so much:)

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