Call Me Crazy Or Whatever That You May Like :X

Totem From Inception Movie


For the first time I actually do not know what to say. LOL.

Its like this strange feeling inside me which comes when my inner child takes over me completely. And then I feel restless and I am not able to concentrate on anything except for that ONE thing that is on my mind.

Like a child. If he has something on his mind, he will think only about that and nothing else.

It happens rarely with me because most of the time I have full control over myself and my emotions too. I rarely let this inner child take over me for something that doesn’t matter much.

But this time, My inner child has taken over me completely.

For what? 

The totem from the Inception movie.

I desperately need it so bad. I am not an online purchaser so I am only looking and staring with watering mouth at the Totem on Ebay. I feel like I am a Dog and looking at a very tasty and juicy bone. Only it is behind the glass. LOL.

That totem is such a darling. Its adorable.

Most of you may know that I am learning Lucid Dreaming and a lot of other stuff relating to Conscious Mind and all so I need to keep myself always aware of my reality.

This totem is something I want so badly.

Not that it is that important but as I said, my inner child has taken over me.

I want it.


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14 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy Or Whatever That You May Like :X

  1. Go for it, silly! 🙂 Your inner child won’t bug you that much with unimportant things… There’s a purpose there, even if you cannot see it right now.

    • oh you have no idea how much I am trying to get it. Asked a few people too but *sob*

      • Okay, I got it… this is a chance for you to put into practice what you said about getting anything you want on previous posts. You will learn with this how it’s not properly done, and how the actual (easy, faster and best feeling) way is. Even what I just said has embedded tips for you.

        • Yeah I got the hidden message. And now that I read it again, I can see much more than what I read before.

          Okay, That’s it. If I want it, I will get it. I can already feel the warmth in my hand due to tight closed fist with totem inside. 😀

  2. From one Crazy to another..we rock 🙂
    but hey listen go easy with that gun , i am franticaly searching for and trying to get you a totem..please dont kill me please…

  3. So does the totem in the movie keep spinning at the end or what? 😛

  4. uzma

    i think i knew that u want this…it was just my thought when i watched

  5. uzma

    transparency is the proof of purity…right???

  6. uzma

    yes its the proof of clarity…see how pure n clear u are…:)

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