Contest “Tide Of Time” Has Been Extended…

So my second contest “Picture Worth your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time” has been extended till the 10th Of March.

At first when I got just one entry when the deadline came, I decided something.

One one moonless night, when the wolves are crying (whatever that they do), the winds are rustling and the entire place is dead asleep, I would get up from my cozy bed, look left and right to make sure no one was around and then…..


I would close the contest and no one would ever know.


But then 2 bloggers suggested that I extend the date so I said to myself, Oh shax, well I guess my evil plan won’t be needed anymore :P.

So people, Picture Worth Your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time is still on and really on this time. Hop in, participate and send the link to as many bloggers you know. Reblog the contest page, so that your followers would know.

Don’t disappoint me baby or else, My shovel is ready and the next moonless night, It could be YOU šŸ˜›

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2 thoughts on “Contest “Tide Of Time” Has Been Extended…

  1. curvyelviesays

    Reblogged this on curvyelviesays and commented:
    What are the rules..
    I love your sense of humor

    • Oh I still have a long way to go with my sense of humor šŸ™‚
      The rules are on the Contest Page linked in.

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