How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 1 ( Open Your Mind Right Now)

Open Your Mind

How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Intro ( This Can Change Your Life)

In the Introduction, I have spoken to you about how our mind is divided into two parts and how things work for us. So basically the working of our mind and how our own mind works to give us what we want is explained in the introduction.

If you haven’t read it, please do read it because I will be constantly using terms assuming you know it from the previous blog.

Okay so lets begin.

As I said earlier, that our subconscious mind gives us whatever we think/want. This may raise three questions/ thoughts:

1. If we get everything that we think, Wouldn’t people do bad stuff to others just by thinking?
2. If we get everything that we think, Why do we get pain, sickness, problems, sadness etc. No one would think about getting them.
3. If we get everything that we think, Why am I NOT getting what I am always thinking about or what I desperately want?

In today’s blog I am going to talk about the first 2 questions. I will open your mind to the silly common mistake we all make in thinking and how you actually are getting exactly what you are asking for UNCONSCIOUSLY.

The third question will be a separate dedicated blog, so that I can tell you clearly how you should think to get what you want. 

Starting with the first.

1. If we get everything that we think, Wouldn’t people do bad stuff to others just by thinking.

Good question if you actually thought about it when you read my introduction of this blog.

The simple fact of subconscious mind is that it works only in the Alpha stage. In Alpha stage of mind, feelings such as anger, hatred, evil etc do not exist. As you enter into Alpha level to think about what you want, you leave behind these negative feelings.

That is the best part about Alpha stage. Negative thoughts or energies just don’t exist in Alpha.

So if you are in Alpha stage and you think about hurting someone, A negative energy has just come into your Alpha stage of mind and your mind will quickly quit the Alpha Stage.

If you do not know what Alpha stage is, Please wait for my next blog. I will be talking about this stage in detail and I will also teach you how to go into Alpha Stage to make your thoughts turn to reality.

2. If we get everything that we think, Why do we get pain, sickness, problems, sadness etc. No one would think about getting them.

Yes, that’s true. We never think about getting a disease or we never think about falling ill or having any problems and most of all we never think about getting a low grade in exams but yet we all do. Why?

Let me explain.

As you know, subconscious mind is like a Genie. It gives you whatever you ask for. If you ever have seen Aladdin with more mature mind you must have seen that sometimes when Aladdin asks for something, Genie gives him exactly that but Aladdin didn’t want that. The command that Aladdin gave to genie was “confusing.”

Here is an example.

Right now, when I say “Don’t think about a Huge Pink Frog,” what comes to your mind?
As I tell you not to think about a huge pink frog, you automatically picture out a huge pink frog in your subconscious mind.

That is what happens with all of us.

The more we tell our mind about something that we DO NOT want, the more we our making our subcon mind to think about it, and as a slave, he simply says “Aye aye captain” and gives us what we our thinking unconsciously. 

The key to getting what you want is thinking what you want in exactly that manner. Do not confuse your mind with confusing commands. Your subconscious mind is a very simple part of your mind which gives you what you ask for. By now you should know from the introduction that your subconscious mind does not make logic or know reasoning. It simply gives you what you have THOUGHT.

So if you want something, you need to THINK IT RIGHT.

Through 5 examples, I am now going to show you what you think, how your subcon responds to it and then HOW you should think about the same thing for better effects.

What you think: I do not want to be sick
What Subcon Mind gives:  One sickness coming right up
What you should rather think : I am perfectly healthy and full of energy 
What Subcon Mind gives : Perfect health and energy coming right up.

What you think: I wish I don’t fail in my exams.
What Subcon Mind gives:  One failure coming right up.
What you should rather think : I will pass my exams with good grades.
What Subcon Mind gives : Good grades in the next exam coming right up.

What you think: I hope I do not make mistakes in my presentation in the office.
What Subcon Mind gives:  Mistakes in presentation coming right up.
What you should rather think : I will give an impressive presentation tomorrow with confidence and clarity. 
What Subcon Mind gives : An impressive presentation full of confidence and clarity coming right up.

What you think: I just can’t understand this Maths problem.
What Subcon Mind gives:  Okay sir. You shall not understand it.
What you should rather think : I know this solution and I will understand it after solving it once again.
What Subcon Mind gives : Of course sir, you understand the solution.

What you think: I just pray that they don’t delay my promotion this time.
What Subcon Mind gives:  Delay in promotion DONE sir.
What you should rather think : I am getting promoted soon. 
What Subcon Mind gives : Promotion for you. Done sir.

Now that you know how you WERE the cause of your own problems, I want you to bring out a change in your thinking. Think positively and avoid adding any negative words in your thoughts.

Until my next blog, I want you to think positively about everything that you want. Think about exactly how you want it without any confusion. Just direct, simple and straight commands that are easy for your mind to process.

And let me know if that is helping you because I am sure they will help you.

If you know anyone who constantly feels upset, down, failed or low about himself/herself, Pass this blog to them and help them see the better person they are.

Questions, queries and suggestions are always welcomed 🙂

Stay safe, healthy and positive because you are beautiful.

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43 thoughts on “How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 1 ( Open Your Mind Right Now)

  1. Hi Aisha, here’s a great summary I recently found about another approach to the same matter, working by focusing on feelings more than in just the thoughts:

    • ummm. Yes thats pretty much what I have read too. It is going to come in later parts of this blog.

      Currently I am going step by step starting with basics of how things work, how our thoughts work for us and how we are causing problems to ourselves. So that by the time I come to the main part of HOW to do it, my readers would already have “housecleaned” their minds from all negative thoughts and would have already started thinking positive.

      So that’s when the feelings come in. In fact all the senses.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing the link.

  2. Reblogged this on Milenanik3's Blog.

  3. Freedom, by the way

    House cleaning can take some time! Maybe my mind will be tidied up before your next post.

    • That’s the reason I am not stacking up blogs over blogs. I am going slowly so that everything slowly sinks in the mind of my readers and until next blog they will be ready for the next step.

      Good luck with housecleaning. The moment you start housecleaning, you will start feeling a very mysterious power inside of you. A power that says, “I am the boss now.”

  4. Loved it and I am going to implement positive thoughts with great sucess. You broke it down easily and a wonderful down to earth manner,

    • When I read comments like yours, I find my efforts worth writing the blogs. Thanks a lot. And as I just said in the other comment, when you start thinking positive, you will find yourself in power. Something inside of you will make you feel like you are now in charge and you are the boss ready to give positive orders that your mind will process as an order.

  5. uzma

    ok what u have explained above is easy to understand bt difficult to apply…like
    if im saying ” YESS I WILL GET THIS JOB”
    its a positive thought right…but deeper inside that thought a voice immediately says that ” NO!! COZ YOU ARE JUST NOT COMPETENT ENOuGH RIGHT NOW FOR THIS JOB”

    so what to do?? what is this????

    • That voice is your conscious mind. It will keep telling you that you cant and you wont. If you start accepting what it says then you are being controlled by your mind.

      So you have to keep telling it that you can do it and you will do it. It will question and argue for a while. You may even fail and your conscious mind may even tell you “I told you so”. But you have to keep saying “I Can Do It,” and soon enough you will start controlling your mind.

      The basic question is, Do you want to be a puppet in the hands of your own mind OR do you want to be the boss of your own self?

      Its funny how we all show ego, keep saying that we don’t take orders from others but deep down inside, we are all just slaves of our own mind. Taking orders from it.

      So decide. Are you the Boss or A Slave?

  6. I enjoyed your post Aisha – I think one of the keys is to be in tune with your conscious and subconscious mind – track your thoughts – there are so many thoughts that you really need to write these down – especially the limiting/negative ones and then decide what the replacement thought will be.
    I have some other interesting information on the subconscious mind and mind power that you may be interested in.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. if so…do animal have this power….????if yes why less wit compare to human…

    • Do animals have the tendency to think like humans do? But with training they do learn what is being taught to them. Animals do not have the sense to think critically like humans do, well thank God for that.

  8. Hi there. So I’ve read your blogs on mind power and your blog about how you changed your hair color with your mind. I think this is really fascinating as I am in a moment of my life where I have no confidence and I have finally found the answer from your blog. I want to change my eye color and my hair type, such as from really curly to wavy. How would I go about doing this? Should I first start to meditate on controlling my mind and then find a picture of the eye color I want and the hair color and hair type that I want and look at the pictures and tell my mind everyday that this is my eye color and this is my hair color/type? Would doing that produce results? Thank you!

    • Since you mentioned that you are in the “down phase” of your life at the moment, you have lots of negative energy around you. This will be an obstruction when you immediately begin on changing your physical self. I will recommend that you begin with meditation. Give yourself a break. Just meditate. Without any goals, without any aim. Do it for fun. Do it for leisure. You will feel a new energy filling you. That’s when you can start with other things.

      • Okay I will meditate for a few weeks without any goals or aims to build some positive energy around me. Then when I feel that I am ready, I will start to meditate with my goals in mind. Thank you so much!

  9. Ah I see now. So when I tell my mind that there are no brown dots in my eyes, my mind will give me what I DO NOT want, which is the brown dots. I understand. So instead, I should say something Along the lines of “my sclera is white?” And also, what would I say to change my eye color? I known I am asking so many questions, haha. But I realized the importance of meditation before asking for something because I need to build a Good Vibration. After I am 150% sure I have full control of my mind then in will go about to choose which method works for me. Might I ask, What is the reinforcement method? Thank you! 🙂 🙂

    • Keep it simple. Conscious mind isn’t very educated or smart. Just tell it you have PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL EYES. And you will have one of the two results. Which of the which two results? Damn Aisha you confusing. Haha. Bear with me.

      Let me tell you one story of mine. I have a short height. I am a 5. Not an inch less or more. And you can only imagine my plight and pain. So I started telling myself that I have a perfectly good height. I would meditate and chant these words.

      Did my height increase. NOPE 🙂 But the result of my mind power was amazing. People started complimenting upon my height saying that my height was VERY CUTE. I got engaged to a guy who is 5’9. At first, I thought people would laugh because of our height difference but I have since then been said that we make an awesome couple. We look perfect together (i don’t wear heels. Absolute flats). Even my fiance thinks my height is PERFECT.

      The point here is, when you tell yourself you have perfect eyes, either your brown dots will go away OR IT WILL BECOME ONE OF YOUR MOST COMPLIMENTING FEATURE (which according to me is way better because it makes you unique and people get jealous too haha).

      Reinforcement method is passing on the good energy and receiving the same. Or giving yourself an encouragement or reward. Like if you have done well in a job project (but you know that your boss will be an asshole and not compliment), give yourself a treat, appreciate yourself, may be have a cake or ice cream. 🙂

      • Okay I see 🙂 short and simple. And what a lovely story! 🙂 🙂 So does your mind decide whether to remove the brown dots or not? Or is it up to me? Haha sorry I’m bothering you so much. It’s just that I don’t like them very much. And also, when would I say this? When I am in alpha stage or when I am mediating in general? From which number do I count down from? Thank youuuuuuuuu 🙂 🙂

        • How do I say this now without sounding creepy. Let’s just say that you have a Fairy God Mother, like Cinderella had. All she said to her was that she wanted to go to the ball and her fairy God mother was wise enough to give her what what would be best for her and not what she thought would have been best for her.

          Sometimes we ask for things that we think is good for us but the forces know otherwise. So it’s best to ask the forces to do what is best.

          Also, if you keep hating your brown dots, you are going to think more of them everyday. Hate is the evilest feeling. It fills you with so much negative energy. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend that you start talking to those dots. Tell them they are pretty. They are beautiful. And the forces will either make them MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL than those people without brown dots or the forces will remove them.

          Either way, it’s a win win, TRUST ME.

          You can begin with just meditation. Then in week two or three, when you have reduced your negative energies, you can say this in the Alpha stage. The countdown has been explained in my latest blog.

          • Thanks a bunch!! So when I’m meditating do I tell my brown dots that they are beautiful or is it okay to just tell them that they are pretty at any random time? Thanks again! 🙂 🙂

            • Just tell say that you have “Perfectly Beautiful Eyes.” Say this in Alpha Stage if you are meditating or any time you see your eyes or just whenever your thought goes to brown dots.

              • Thank you a billion gazillion times!!! I will be sure to share my results!! 😀

  10. student

    Hello aisha I have been practicing hypnotherapy from April 2014, I had been introduced to it by my psychologist.

    I had Acute IBS for previous 2 years due to which I lost lot of weight currently it is 49 kg I want to increase it to 60 kg.practicing hypnotherapy had helped me to stop IBS but weight is not increasing.

    I have short query –

    I have a lifelong dream and I am planting that dream in my subconscious mind, but now IBS has again started. Am I confusing my sub. Mind ? Should I focus on my health first until I have gained sufficient weight ? Will IBS start again ?

    • Hi. You are not confusing your mind but you are making a mistake in your mind power routine. A mistake that 90% of the people make, which gives them negative results. The very mistake that I have talked about in this blog.

      You may not be aware but deep in your conscious, you still have fears of IBS. You keep fearing your IBS will return. This fear is in your mind. Your sub-con mind is taking up that data and giving you what you are consciously always thinking about.

      How do you get rid of that. I recommend that you meditate. Meditation helps you take control of your own thoughts and mind. It trains your mind to be obedient to you rather than be a boss. And once you have achieved that, all you have to do is think of yourself as healthy.

      One best way to get rid of your unconscious fears is to repeat the affirmation “I am perfectly healthy.” If you ever get a thought of IBS or losing weight, just STOP yourself and say, “I am perfectly healthy.”. Say it 3 times. Say is boldly. Say it loudly. And soon, you will get rid of your “negative data” and instead replace it with a positive data.

      I hope that hels.

  11. faizah khan

    Aisha this is a wonderful effort you have made ..really thank God for making me finnd thee blogs of yours at the very right time of my life.. i think i most needed it two days ago i came aross your blog and started implementing..but i need help .. i tried it got motivated and i think it has started working as well to som extent … but at times all of a sudden my heratbeat becomes fast and fear starts stimulating in me…as if negative thought or energy taking over … and its strong ..

    • Hi Faizah. First of all, I feel really good that my blogs are helping people in times when they need it. One thing I know for sure is that once you get this ball rolling, there is no stopping it. You will be so energized with the positive energy that you will notice people find peace and calm around you.

      My own nephew (3 years old now) has always found comfort in me and I am told that it’s because he sees no negative powers around me. So the point of telling this to you is, now that you have started implementing it, soon there will be a point when negative energies wont even come close to you.

      Right now, I will recommend that you start with meditation. Why? Because we have to begin by getting rid of the negative energies inside you. Your body is a magnetic. Whatever is around, it attracts and stores inside you ever since your birth. Happy moments attracts positive energies. Sad and tragic moments attract negative energies. Meditation is the best way to remove all the negative energies that are inside you.

      Once your inside negative energies are out, you will train your mind to attract only the positive energies.

      You can find links to all my mind power blogs at Make sure you read my blog on how to meditate.

      Oh I can go on and on and on about this topic 🙂

      • Hi Aisha 🙂 Very insightful reply; I love this topic 🙂 when you meditate, how will you know when the negative energies are out?

        • Good question. I might do a blog on that when I catch some time. When the negative energies are out, you will feel light. Light? You will actually feel light. Like literally. Your shoulder will feel much relaxed and relieved. Your body will feel relaxed as if you have just taken a body massage. And you will happy. Everything around you will look bright. You will start looking at the world with a different HAPPY view.

          And most of all, even when you are in a troubled state or situation, you will react positively and optimistically try to deal with it.

          That’s when you know you have got rid of your negative energies.

  12. Pingback: How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 2 (Power Of Thought) | Aisha's Scrapyard

  13. Jade

    I have a question. what about when two people think the right way, but have different destinations.

    example: Person 1 : I want to marry and build a family with person 2
    person 2: Nothing last forever and relationships are a prison

    now the interesting thing. person 1 starts to believe relationships is not going to work because of the actions of person 2. And person 2 secretly , and constantly conveys they want marriage.

    • Hi Jade,

      In such a situation, the positive energies will have more dominance over the negative ones. Mind power works when a person is happy or is trying to be happy. Happy = feeling peaceful and content.

      As for two different goals, universe will have its own way of rectifying this situation. Either one of the person’s thinking will change to match the thinking of other, or there will come a time when both these persons will find happiness and same thoughts in some other third person.

      Positive energies will only give you good results so whatever differences you have, the universe will make a better plan.

  14. Thank you so so so much. Previously,I was very skeptical about all these things .. Even I saw many blogs about Loa and the secret etc. I was not able to understand what I am doing wrong. I really wanted that my “height should grow”. But that was not happening . from last 2 days I am pretending as if I am super tall girl. And change what I can see is I feel high as if I am standing high. So I think I am going rights…? Thanks for all your guidance.. May god bless you and you keep helping like this only.
    Thanks once again. 🙂

  15. Hi, I am really struggling and it feels like I`m losing my mind. I am in constant darkness. It feels like I`m drowning and can`t get my head above water. I am a heroin addict and although I KNOW I will Stay Clean When I Get Clean, I just Can`t Seem To Get Clean. I am constantly in a state of depression and suicide. I often think about it and tried to take my life a little more than a week ago. I need to know how I can re-program myself & everything I need to do to change my life, because: should I get clean… I have worked hard in my life on my dreams, without success and have always struggled with depression. So, I am afraid that I will never get hope back and never feel like I can possibly have a life I enjoy and that will have me end up taking my life. I feel like I have less than 2 months left to live, because if I don`t get clean, I will take my life and if I get clean, I need to have hope… Please help me…. Also…being a white South African, living under oppression, it sucks…it is close to impossible to get a job here if you don`t have a degree…So I also need to be able to make a living online, using apps or writing… I am an exceptional writer with talent. I easily come up with original movie, series and show ideas. I have written books and plays, thousands of poems and some lyrics. I also have a superb business mind with ideas that would make millions upon millions, though nothing I do ever seems to get me anywhere and always just leaves me heartbroken. That is the reason I lost hope, not because I didn`t do anything, but instead did so much to reach success that I cannot understand why I didn`t and can`t see how it`s possible now. It all needs to change, as I am already so far past dead that I imagine dying a lot…. Please email me



  16. Ishtiaq Ahmad

    I am listening to thick and healthy straight siljy hair subliminal from about a week and have noticed a bit change from subliminal affirmation booster channel in YouTube.

  17. Remi

    This is such an enlightening piece.

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