Breaking The Code Of Stereotypical Women (Special Edition For Men)

Corpse Bride

Whats a definition of “Women” according to guys?

Skinny person who is always watching her weight, calculates calories when ordering food, dumb by nature, always dressed up as barbies in high heels, eats less (diet food only), dumb by nature, loves shopping and spends half her life shopping, is highly addicted by window shopping, takes 5 hours just to buy one pair of shoes, dumb by nature, talks a lot about unnecessary things, heavily make-up-ed, dumb by nature, 90% of her clothes are PINK, dumb by nature and do not know how to operate machines, spends 2 hours to decide what to wear and of course, dumb by nature.

Isn’t it strange that most men have the same exact picture of “Women” in mind.

Well today, I am breaking the code of stereotypical women. So all you guys out there, this is for you. 

1. Most women do not dress up as Barbies and definitely do not wear heels. You will see us in worn out jeans and casual shirts with flip-flops or converses.

The only time we wear those mini skirts or a short dress with heels is when we are going out with you. Forgive us Dah! if we want to maintain your profile in front of your friends that you have an amazing GF.

2. Most women eat a lot and I really mean “a lot” and we are not that weight conscious. If we were, we wouldn’t be eating that 5″ cake you sent us.

The only reason we may eat less is because we really do not want to look 5 months to due date.

3. Most women do not love shopping. We only shop when we need something and when we know what we need, we just buy it.

Personally speaking, When I go shopping, If I like something in first glance, I buy it. No second glances and I actually finish off my shopping within an hour and come back home with shoes, jeans, shirts, shampoo, conditioner, nail paint, belt. Yes I did stop by the coffee shop.

But please do explain why you spend 3 hours in an automobile accessories mart? Well we get it, you have to check if the wheel caps are the size of your tires, if the mats go with the seat covers, if those headlights are unique….. Yeah we get it. That’s not shopping at all.

4. Window shopping is never our addiction. We go to malls if we want to hang out with friends and have a great time, buy some ice cream and check out different guys.

Oh what do we notice. You guys are there too. And evidently, you guys are not shopping either.

5. Women actually talk because if we weren’t talking, neither of us would be talking. And then you know, it gives us one of those “AWKWARD” moments. So we like to keep the flow.

But honey, if you talk, you will find us good hearers rather than talkers. Trust me. And btw, did you realize its been half hour since you are talking about how good your Xbox 3D Virtual Machine World game is. Did you know you have told me 15 times how good its graphics are.

But see, we are still hearing you with patience. We love that child inside you. We appreciate it. Not like you.

6. Most women only take about 5 mins to decide daily dressing. Our creased shirt with paint patch is the proof. We love staying natural and make-ups are spared only to special occasions.

If you think a moisturizer and a lip gloss are “MAKE UP” then baby you need to reconsider your thoughts. I know a good psychiatrist.

7. Most men “THINK” women are dumb because it’s just a way to satisfy their ego or their personal assumption.

I remember how I once called my Network Operator to make a complain and he wanted me to ping the website, for which he actually began with, “Go to start button, then run, then type cmd…A black screen will pop up and then…”

I actually had to interrupt him and say “You want me to ping my website? It is showing a request time out.”

We know how computers work, we know what dns flushing is, we know how to use a drill machine and we know how to use a chain saw. Don’t tempt us to use it over your neck please.

All girls in favor, say “YAY” and all guys in disfavor, say “Our ego is too strong to accept the truth.” 😛 😛 😛

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11 thoughts on “Breaking The Code Of Stereotypical Women (Special Edition For Men)

  1. Oh my god you are brilliant..I was laughing all the way( only cos you have an amazing sense of humour)…But all the points are so true…and very well put…
    yes we do not love shopping that much and do not own hundreds of pairs of shoes..and every thing you wrote…
    so YAY 🙂

    • 😀

      Thank you for the appreciation. I really do not like when men simply assume things about us even though we are nothing like that. We are like the super woman because in an hour we can cook, eat, get dressed, make the kids and husband eat, get the kids dressed, send kids to school, send husband to school (oh my bad i mean office) and then reach our office on time.

      They are just jealous of our super powers. Haha 🙂

  2. Mmm, sorry to say, but you’re mostly talking to and about stereotypical men there, hahaha 😛 It’s like that saying that when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing at you 🙂

    I wanted to add that silences rock! It’s only awkward for those that think (such as thinking what to say, or thinking something needs to be said, lol)… For those that instead relax, and just be, enjoying the million things happening all around anytime; silences can be even more awesome than the silences when alone. Words will come again, at the right time, and with better content, this way.

  3. Day Dreamer

    HAHAHA men are so stupid…wait a minute *stops and stares into the distance, thinking hard*

  4. uzma

    for this i can only say YAYYYYYYYYYY…..

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