The Rumors About 2012 – How True Can They Be?

Christ Consciousness - A New World

Umm, its been a few days since I haven’t posted anything (some of you were happy, isn’t it 😛 LOL), The reason being that I was consumed with reading a lot of books on different subjects of Mind Power, Lucid Dreaming, Power Of Thoughts etc. All these books have given me an insight on how things work around and have made me see what world really is and what is coming ahead.

Before I begin, My knowledge is very less and of course without doubt True Knowledge lies with God. Only He knows when what shall happen. This blog is simply what I have studies and realized so don’t start throwing tomatoes at me. Lol

Also I do not say that this is going to happen in 2012, but this is (may be) how it is going to be PRETTY SOON. 

This world will end pretty soon, may be in few days, weeks, months or years, but it wont actually end, it is going to shift to another world.

Since I do not myself have a science background, I will try to explain things in the simplest of words.

First lets I will give you basic scientific theories and then I will show you how it all connects including Religious aspects.

Theory One :

The universe is made from energy. It has its own frequency just like a radio or TV does.

Theory Two :

We live in a 3rd Dimensional world as we all know (it has its own frequency).

Theory Three :

There is a 4th Dimensional world whose frequency is higher than 3D world. Normal people do not see it. A world where there is no Time and Space. A world where the supernatural exist. Even if you do not believe in supernatural stuff, you know that when people meditate and the gates of their third eye is open, they can see things we cannot. So there does exist a 4D  world with a higher frequency. And people who can reach that frequency can see it.

Being able to meditate and reach a place in your dream (while awake) is entering the 4D world where you can spend an entire day just within a minute in your thought. So time and space factor in 4D world would diminish.

Theory Five :

Mayan calendar end at 2012. The Mayans state that the world is going to end in 2012.


Okay now let me connect.

The 3D world we live in, is made up of matter. Every matter has its own energy. The creation of the world happened through the energy changing from one to another resulting into different matter.

Skipping deep details, as per Theory #2, the world has its own frequency. But did you know that this frequency is changing everyday? Our thoughts have energy too and the frequency of the world is going higher and higher due to the changes in the energy.

Do you know what that means?

It means that soon we will enter the 4D world.

Now remember the Theory # 3, The 4D world would have diminished Time and Space? This is where the religion comes in. The 4th Dimensional world is also considered as the “Christ Consciousness”, a time when Christ (PBUH) will return.

Islam also affirms that before the Day Of Judgement, Jesus Christ (PBUH) shall return.

Another hadeeth that I read was,

“The Hour will not come until the distances of time and space diminish.”
– Haythami, Majma‘ al-Zawa’id, 7.324.

So here once again we know that this has something to do with the 4D world where time and space will diminish. Thats when Christ (PBUH) will come.

Muslims also have a believe that before the arrival of Jesus Christ (PBUH), Imam Mehdi (AS) will rule the earth for a few years (7, 9, 19 or some say 40…number of the years is different in different narration).

Now most of us have this ideology that okay so the day of judgement is far from us because as yet Imam Mehdi (A.S) hasn’t come and when he does come he shall rule for 40 years. So it’s not the end at least for further 40 years.

So here I will remind you again of the Theory # 3, where in 4D world, time and space shall diminish. So what now looks like 40 years may be just 4 days or 4 hours at that time.

Now whats all the fuss about 2012?

The mayan calendar says the world will end in 2012 because they could not see past 2012. That’s because we might shift into a higher frequency world – 4D world. 2012 could be the end of the 3D world and beginning of the 4D world.

If you read science news alerts and researches, you will know that the earth’s rotation is getting slower and slower and it says something about its moving from the axis (idk…em not a scientist 😦 , but do your own researches, you’ll see what all is going around ).

So whats the truth about world ending in 2012?

Well we shall know soon. But even if the world is ending in 2012, it is just the end of the 3D world. Start of something totally different, totally new. A 4D world.


I have given you all a start to a journey you can take yourself. Read books and you’ll know.

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One thought on “The Rumors About 2012 – How True Can They Be?

  1. uzma

    its frightening….

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