Paranormal Being, Hallucination Or Effects Of Meditation… You Decide

Spooky Night With Boy In Silhouette

In my past blogs (if you have been good enough readers to read them 😛 ), I have been talking about my experiences since I have started meditation like “The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You.”

Surprisingly its is just about 27 days may be since I have started reading about Lucid Dreaming and The Mind Power related stuff and within those 27 days of reading and practicing, my experiences have truly surprised, shocked, amazed, scared the hell out of me.

If you have read my blogs you would know what I am talking about ( I will do a compilation of the experiences all together in one blog soon).

Okay, now I have been telling that each time I meditate at night, I have felt someone looking at me, hearing weird stuff etc but that was only while meditating.

Since past 3 or 4 days I have started experiences a different scenario. I have been ignoring this but yesterday night I actually gave it a little thinking.

Let me give you the picture first.

We have a hall that connects to 4 rooms, kitchen and store room. So every room opens up in the hall. From the room where my work desk is, I can see a part of the Hall room where the store room door is and right next to it is my bedroom.

I stay on laptop till late night and since past 3 or 4 days, every night while on laptop, there is this one certain time in the night when I feel someone is looking at me from that exact place in the hall that I can see. I do not feel this all the time. It is just once and at a certain time in the night.

I can see a slight movement from the corner of my eye while my eyes are on the laptop and the movement is strong enough to urge me to look if someone is actually there.

I haven’t really thought of this until yesterday when I realized that I have been having this “Stalker” feeling every night just for once at a certain time.

So if that someone is my subconscious mind (or the third eye) then why are you standing so far away from me dude. Em I that scary to you? Lol.

Anyway, another very strange thing happened yesterday which could definitely not be hallucination because someone actually drank the water from my cup. ooops that was a spoiler of my next blog. LOL.

Stay Tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Paranormal Being, Hallucination Or Effects Of Meditation… You Decide

  1. I have to tell you and i am not joking I do believe in the spirits around….although no one ever drank my coffee….I do scare them a lot 😆
    when we meditate we are one with the nature the supreme power..somewhere in that zone we are not alone….

    • Yeah I do believe in the supernatural stuff as you already may or may not know that they were in my house. And the point you raised is absolutely what it must be. That kinda explains much now 🙂

  2. curvyelviesays

    I have been sporadically for the last 20 yearrs and know exactly what you are talking about. I can can actually see the shadow of the being staring at me. It’s a little un-nerving but, interesting.

    • Awe 😦
      I actually feel someone staring at me exactly between a fixed time of night, like between 2Am to 4Am. I can see it moving. Trying to grab my attention.

      Now I am used to it.

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