Criminal Life Of A Brown Girl…Because Every Brown Girl Commits A Crime

Today, I will uncover the true faces of one of the most criminal minded girls in this world AKA “THE BROWN GIRLS.” Fear them because the crimes they commit are not only dangerous but they will leave devastating results on your mind.


These brown girls exist all around us. They look innocent but really are not and today we shall see Top 10 Crimes that a Brown Girl makes.

Crime # 1 :
She is born a girl.

See. That is why I told you this blog is not for the weak hearts. This is one of the first crimes that she makes and look at the age, she commits this crime at.  Pure evil mind since birth.

Crime # 2 :
She does not know how to make a GOL ROTI. ( Gol means round and Roti is the flat bread)

OMG. This is one of the major crimes. Now no man shall marry this girl because? Why of course because she cannot make a Gol Roti. It’s a serious crime. It’s worst than adultery. Poor parents of this girl. What a shame to them. They may never be able to raise their heads ever again.

Crime # 3 :
She has a Bachelors/Masters Degree. 

Damn. How disgusting is that now. A girl with a degree. What good is a degree anyway? Can it make meals? Can it make a gol roti? NO it cannot. It’s useless. Waste of time.

Crime # 4 :
She does not know how to cook.

What a shame again to her parents. What is a good girl if she has a degree and cannot cook. She is doomed. No one will marry her now. She has no future. She has no life. She is going to be nothing for the rest of her life.

Crime # 5 :
She does not have any other skills like stitching, crafting or beauty course. 

OH MY GOD. Give me a moment to catch up my breath.

This girl has doomed everyone else. What if she faces hard time in her life, like when her parents/husband are out of job. If only she knew how to stitch clothes, she could earn pennies. BECAUSE OF COURSE HER MASTERS DEGREE IS USELESS. She needs to know stitching.


Alright alright this was just an exaggeration for pure fun. My parents are great and have never stopped me for anything as long as I knew my limits. The proof of which is that I have done all the above crimes and yet spend my entire day on internet.

The reason I was provoked to do this blog was because few days back 2 aunts were discussing “My Criminal Life” and were stunned when they found out that I didn’t know to stitch ( I design my own clothes and let the tailors do the work although I do know how to stitch…Just lazy).

So they started saying if any bad time falls on me (like when I get married and my husband goes out of job blah blah) so stitching would come to use. I would at least be able to survive.

For sometime I kept hearing their chats (while still in my room on laptop) but after a certain time when I couldn’t bear it, I simply told them, “If bad time falls on me, My Bachelors In English Literature degree would probably help me earn way better than a surviving life. That’s the difference in our thinking, you see.”

I would have loved to tell them that I own a website so I do have a very strong back up plan but voila!!! It would be another head hit on wall.

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14 thoughts on “Criminal Life Of A Brown Girl…Because Every Brown Girl Commits A Crime

  1. uzma

    OMG… u works on internet…that is y u have no manners n that is y ur replying in this way to ur aunts..this internet is completely destroying young brown girls…like u…lol lol lol

    • LOL yes you see I am way more criminal than most brown girls. I do the crime of speaking up to people. 🙂 I see that you have totally enjoyed this one.

  2. LOL 😛
    Crime #4.. oh well.. I knw how to cook rice and fried stuff… tho not well nuff to make a meal! nyahaha
    I do have a brave heart 😛

  3. uzma

    yes i love it actually…:)

  4. I love the sarcasm 😀

    • Honestly, some part is actually true to some extent 😦

      I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      • hahaha that reminds me heaps of my nana, she always says that I’ll never be a 10/10 until I wear a scarf D: but nm we still gotta put up with them

  5. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! – Bad girl 🙂

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