Mom Dad, You Are Old Vegetables. Nursing Home Should Be Better for You?

Old Aged Lady Alone In Nursing Home

You must be thinking whats up with that title. You’l see.

As we start growing up our parents grow older. That’s the cycle. That’s how it runs isn’t it.

Have you noticed when parents grow older they start becoming annoying. They don’t understand the job you are doing, they don’t understand why you are up too late, they don’t understand the food you are eating, they don’t understand the technology around you.

Then your family comes in the picture and your own family has their own needs, wants, wishes and lifestyle which never tends to meet the needs, wants, wishes and lifestyles of your parents. Your parents are simply a burden on you.


Old Age Homes, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, Second Homes.



The parents who held your hands and made you walk your first steps, who taught you to ride a cycle, who paid for your schools and college and universities so that you can be the man that you are right now. Whenever you were about to fall, they held you. Sometimes they let you fall so that you could learn the hardships of life.

Is taking care of them so much of a burden to you?

I was going through YouTube, a couple of days back and a video caught my eye from the suggestions. This is what it was. Although I hesitate to share this video as it tears my heart apart, but I need to spread the awareness and the message.

At this point I can only say that if we as children can’t take care or “tolerate” our parents then the people taking care of them in the nursing homes/ old age homes aren’t even their blood relations. Why would they take care of them? All they care about is getting their job done AS AND HOW IT CAN BE and get paid for it.

Some people eat slow, but the care takers simply take away their trays after a certain time (they have to do their job) not even bothering if they have had anything.

I plead everyone, who are lucky to have the presence of their parents or grandparents in their house, Please do take care of them like they took care of you when you were kids.

Remember The KARMA…

What goes around… Comes Around…

And for those of you who have their parents in any rehab centers or health centers for any medical purposes please please please do make sure that you ask your parents if they are getting good service, proper care, food and sanitation.

If your parents do make a complain, Don’t consider it as bragging. Try to find out the facts.

Remember The Karma…

Where they are today, you shall be there tomorrow.

Treat them the way you want to be treated by your kids when they grow up and you grow older.

P.S: Please share this blog link or blog and spread the message. I give full permission to everyone to copy this blog (excerpt or entire blog) where ever they feel the message will be most looked at. I do not need credit or link backs for a good cause.

Thank You for reading…

P.S2: No offense intended (including the title).

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One thought on “Mom Dad, You Are Old Vegetables. Nursing Home Should Be Better for You?

  1. jia

    I hate those cultures where this happens..and its sad to see its getting into pak too now…

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