You Want HTTPS? FINE. I’l Give You HTTPS Coz No One Messes With Me…

As my clichéd issue has been going since the past few weeks and on the air since past few days, I even had a dream last night of so many settings and codes. Uh. I remember there was some CSS and CSSX code that needed to be unchecked.

How bad is that for a young, beautiful and cute ( by which I mean monstrous, ugly and gross) girl to see dreams of computer settings, DOS prompts, and see the black cmd screen while she is supposed to be dreaming of HANDSOME, YOUNG AND DASHING……. FROG….

You thought guys??? Nah… I rather dream frogs. Haha.

So today again I went through some articles, blogs and posts and tried to see where the issue was but nothing worked.

I could only access HTTP sites if I changed the address to HTTPS. So I said,




I have had enough of you…

I went to chrome extensions and decided to look for some extension that would breach the chrome security so that I could run chrome without any security (evil mind).

Accidentally I saw “HTTPS ENFORCED” extension and I knew what I was now looking for.

I went through a couple of such extensions including 3 to 4 versions of HTTPS Enforce extension, Force HTTPS, SSL Enforcer etc. Then I tried each one of them to see which opens the sites much faster. Then I tried doing some combinations to see which would work smoother.

And finally HTTPS ENFORCER seemed a little better than the rest.

The browsing is still slow… It takes a couple of seconds to do the enforcing but at least I will be able to read blogs of some of the GREAT bloggers of WordPress 🙂

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One thought on “You Want HTTPS? FINE. I’l Give You HTTPS Coz No One Messes With Me…

  1. uzma

    anger results

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