Consciously Awake Makes You See Things That Others Don’t

Little Boy Walking Into Light From Darkness

What does consciously awake really mean?

Nothing extra ordinary or high-tech words. Consciously awake means you just have a GOOD COMMON SENSE. That’s all. Really.

So why am I stressing so much on being awake if it is just having a good common sense? Because having a good common sense is what is absent in most of us. A good common sense gives you an edge over the people around you who take everything around them for granted.

My conscious awareness saved a little boy yesterday from injuring himself and I am still just starting to be awake. How? Keep reading.

Sometimes when you eat something, you suddenly know that the taste of that food isn’t normal and then you inspect it to see if it is stale. How did you make that difference? Sheer common sense. But if the same food was given to a person who never was conscious while eating that same food before would never be able to make the difference.

That is the power of being Consciously Awake.

How good is it and how far can you go? 

You actually cannot even imagine how far you can go with this. The power is infinite. Reach as much as you can.

Yesterday  I went to a relatives house coz they shifted their house. All of their stuff was messed around here and there as they were still unpacking. We were all sitting in a room while their little 1.5 year old boy was outside the room, behind the wall where I couldn’t see him from the angle.

We were all talking and discussing when my conscious told me to focus on boy. And I did. I could hear screeching sound of metal over and again and my conscious quickly told me that the boy was playing with scissors. He was opening and closing the scissors over and again.

I hesitated in telling it out coz I would have been thought crazy if proven otherwise. So I asked one of the ladies if the boy was in their sight to which she immediately said yes yes he is right here I can see him.


I refocused on my conscious and this time my conscious forcefully said that the boy is playing with scissors.

Not caring about what they would think of me or make fun of me if proven otherwise, I said I think he is playing with scissors, can you please check. He may hurt himself.

The lady immediately got up and went to the boy and he really was playing with a scissors.

Bottom line?

The boy was right in front of her eyes, probably was facing his back towards her, but the lady was CONSCIOUSLY SLEEPING and couldn’t see what really was.

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2 thoughts on “Consciously Awake Makes You See Things That Others Don’t

  1. So how to do that? techniques?

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