Time For A New Contest??? Already??? Really???

A lot of my previous contestants have enjoyed the contest, Picture Worth Your Words Contest I held last time. Or so as I think they did. LOL.

I have been around a few other bloggers who hold contest and I found out that all of them offered contest within their own blog page. Like if they had to write a poem, they had to write it in the comments of the Contest Holder’s page.

Which doesn’t give you any edge as no one may visit your blog page. While the pattern of my contest allows you to meet, interact and get discovered.

It also flushes traffic on your BlogPage so if you are an Alexa Addict (just like I am), My contest gives a boost in the traffic to your blogpage.

Em I self-praising myself? Hell yeah I am. So enough with it 😦 😦 😦

I am going to start another contest soon, so I want to know what type of contest do you want this time?

1. Picture Prompt – You are given one picture, and have to write upon it.
2. Picture Prompts – You are given 3 or more pictures, and you have to write on which ever you like.
3. Word(s) Prompt – You are given a word, line or quote, and you have to write anything that comes to your mind from it.
4. Picture + Word(s) Prompt – You are given a Picture and word, line or quote and you have to juggle them both in your writings.
5. Situation Prompt – You are put into a situation, you have to live in it and write down what you feel.

*Time to Self-praise myself again*

Boy who so ever thought there could be so many different types of contest. LOL 🙂 : ) 🙂

Let me know what you guys would enjoy most so I can start the contest.


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6 thoughts on “Time For A New Contest??? Already??? Really???

  1. Words contest this time plz. Can’t wait. Will give more imp this time and try to win this time 😉

  2. AhmadKhalifa

    so hard to choose :/ but i may go with number 4 or number 5, they both seem nice

  3. uzma

    situation prompt…this will be best i think…though m not going to particiapate…lol

  4. Whatever! It can be fun 🙂

  5. Lets try them all, one after another 😀
    Think that words prompt will be fun 🙂

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