The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You

Girl Lying Flat On The Grass

Few days back I wrote about The Strange Vision In Darkness While Meditating, It had totally freaked me out.

Since then I have been meditating. Sometimes all I see is darkness, sometimes stable light, sometimes the darkness and light dance in slow motion in Swirls like a Yin Yang and sometimes this dance will be in the speed of thunder. Sometimes I see sparkles of light coming from infinity which is very wonderful to watch.

For those of you who are wondering what has happened to my Lucid Dreaming, It is kinda on hold now. Its like at first I was only trying to see an object in the picture but now I am trying to see the entire picture. Once I know how to see the entire picture, then looking at the smaller objects would be easy as eating a cake.

Anyway, chopping down my blah blah blah.

2 days back, Before going to sleep, I put myself in Alpha mode and started visualizing. As always, while I meditate, I have realized that I can have a clear understanding of whats around me.

I can hear people walking down on the street although I live on the fourth floor, I can hear the cracking noise of a door being open/closed in the adjacent neighbor’s house, I can hear the clear noise of water drop falling from the tap ( not from my bathroom because I made sure its closed before I started meditating coz it annoys me) coming from the Kitchen may be.

Now, these noises exist all around us every moment of our life, so there is nothing extra ordinary in this. Just letting you guys know that meditation and focusing actually helps us to see things that we do not see normally in our “SO CALLED” awake state.

2 days back while I was meditating a strange thing happened. At first I heard what it felt like a drizzling rain and then the sound turned into a more heavy rain ( the noise of water drops falling upon the smaller metal shade in my balcony). Having my mind distracting upon the rain, twice I felt the urge to get up and enjoy the rain but I did not want to break my Alpha Mode.

So I continued my meditation in Alpha Mode.

Then I felt the presence of someone in my room and I knew it was my Mom. She must have come to my room to see if I had slept. I could feel her lowering her head and looking towards me.

Aaah I will now have to break my meditation because I was lying flat on my bed, hands on my side which I rarely do. I have a habbit of holding my second pillow tight and curling myself. The picture of me lying flat would be horrific to my mom. LOL.

I open my eyes,

I see the ceiling of course.

I move my head to my right side where I could feel mom standing.

To my utter shock, I actually felt like a BLACK SILHOUETTE shade that was bending over and looking at me.

Soon as I looked to its side, It faded.

My heart pounded so badly that for the next few moments, I actually checked around my bed to see if someone was there. LOL.

Then I continued my visualization with open eyes for that night. LOOOL.

That was really fun 🙂

Btw did I forget to mention that there was no rain? It was absolutely dry.

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14 thoughts on “The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You

  1. your writing is so clear this time 🙂 not that it hasn’t been before, just better. You should write a short story instead of just describing like this 🙂

  2. Wow… That’s awesome. Mmm, I wish to tell you my stories, but I don’t want to make them public, hehe 🙂

    By the way, in dreams, we cannot check any individual object with closed focus of attention (open focus is, as you said, observing the whole scene; closed focus is the opposite, centering attention on a narrow space), because when we do that… the object we look at keeps changing. An example is when you try to read a book in a dream, the text will change all the time, you cannot see the same thing you just read again (and it can build confusion and frustration if we’re unaware that we’re sleeping).

    • Oh I was just metaphorically speaking. Lucid Dreaming required that your mind be conscious. So instead of just practicing Lucid Dreaming, I am first trying to wake my Sleeping Giant 🙂

      • Oh, hehe… It seems I’ll have to read more from you so I can understand what you mean 😛

        Hey, Aisha, I love your blog… you’ve filled it with a ton of nice details! ^_^ The same as cats put their ‘scent’ all around, you’ve done that in here! 🙂

        • OMAGOSH now thats a totally random comment I have ever got. Thank you so much or rather MEEAAOWWW 😛

          • Hahaha! 😀 Do you see how it’s funny? 😛

            • Yeah. It was basically after one of my blog was stolen by a person and was put elsewhere and it was a personal blog so I got really furious. My got my CAT NAILS out. Later they apologized.

  3. uzma


  4. Very nice experience. 🙂

    I’m a life-long lucid dreamer and I’ve been meditating for more than half my life now too. Those experiences, like the kind you had, are what entice me to continue doing what I do.

    • OMG I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU… Literally jealous…

      I am trying to be consciously awake for the moment so I can lucid dream. Although I had started practicing lucid dreaming and I did had a few start experiences but I decided I would first wake myself in the real world and then head to being awake in dream world.

      OMG you should totally give me tips. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

      • Feel free to peruse my blog:

        I also have a free eBook you can read, you can find the download link at the top of this page:

        You’re already further along than most people. I call lucid dreams “Lucid Awareness Experiences”, since I believe that all non-physical experiences (dream, lucid dream, astral projections, and OBEs) are one in the same, the defining difference only being “how consciously aware you are during the experience”. 🙂

        So you’re definitely doing well so far.

        • OH MY GOD… Your words have like boosted my confidence 1000 times more. While I started practicing I did have the doubts whether I would really be able to do it. And yes I have indeed been surfing a lot on your sit, reading from it and when I found that you are an expert in this stuff I couldn’t help jump the happiness of you commenting on my blog ( it felt like Tom Cruise telling me I was beautiful loool).

          And having this comment come from you, means a lot to me. Its my *JAW DROPPING* moment.

          Thank you so very much.

  5. That was actually funny aisha :’D

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