The Mud Man Is About To Crack

Cracked Mud Man

When it all began, he was just a pile of sand. Invisible in the eyes of people. Everyone came and walked over him because he was too soft and gentle to fight back. He was hurt and was sad deep inside, but he was too good to say anything to the people.

As days went by, he added a little water of strength and attitude to himself so that people would start noticing him. And so it did happened. People came by and he simply trusted every person who came to sit by him.

Soon he realized that the people only came to have fun with him. They came, molded him into the shape they wanted to see him in, had fun and before leaving, they would crash him down back in to the pile of sand.

This went on for quiet a while. People walked in, took his help and then broke him down before leaving.

As more and more people came and crashed him down, He kept adding more and more water of strength, attitude and rudeness. He started being bad to everyone until one final day the water turned him into MUD.

No one would dare come near him. No one would dare play with him and neither would anyone try to mess with him because he was now a MUD MAN.

He started showing people that he had no heart, doesn’t care for anyone and neither does he own any feelings. This Mud Man was all by himself, ready to make anyone dirty if they tried messing with him.

Everyone was scared of him and would keep away from him.

Time went by and the SUN RAYS of harsh times and harsh words kept falling on him. .. Nevertheless, these sun rays only made him more strong. The Mud Man turned into a HARD CORE MUD MAN.

Nobody realized that deep inside, he is still that same very pile of soil that they once took advantage of and they kept throwing the sun rays of torments, torture, pain and agony over him.

This hard core mud man, is still standing like a HARD CORE MUD MAN, still trying to pretend to be strong…

But you know what?

Too much of sun rays have started cracking him…

Soon he will shatter…

Soon he will break…

Soon he will turn into pieces…

And then,

No one would ever be able to get him back…

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2 thoughts on “The Mud Man Is About To Crack

  1. uzma

    very interestingly written..

  2. belarus

    this is beautiful

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