Guess What?!!! I Am Officially Giving Up… The END… HAHA

And after 2 days of reading articles after articles, posts after posts and blogs after blogs, I have entered my internet settings a million times, my chrome settings a zillion times, and have basically screwed the entire settings of my laptop, system32, AV, drivers, Firewall, Chrome, my pocket modem device…..

I have screwed everything so many times that I barely remember what it was before and what I am doing right now.

I have pinged, cleared caches, flushed dns, enabled then disable IPv6, changed Chrome.exe to something else, renamed the chrome target to chrome.exe -no-sandbox, added wordpress to trusted sites, changed the security settings to low, enabled 3rd party cookies, disabled AV, played thoroughly with Firewall settings, AV settings, chrome settings, internet settings and some more settings here and there.

So what’s the end result…


I am not able to access any of the wordpress site unless I manually change the prefix of url from HTTP to HTTPS.

And as you all may or may not know, I am not much of a person who would like to do that mostly because I get all excited when someone makes a new posts and then its annoying when you simply cant read their blogs.

So I am OFFICIALLY giving up this Treasure Hunt of finding the Solution until some really EXPERT GENIUS MIND gives me the solution to it.

P.s: Now I am a girl in pink frock with a barbie doll in one hand and a Taser M18L in the other hand. (IDK why I like to say this :S )

Anyway, Waiting for my Prince Charming to wake the Sleeping Beauty from her long sleep, through his Expert Solution to This Problem. LOL

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16 thoughts on “Guess What?!!! I Am Officially Giving Up… The END… HAHA

  1. Just a friendly advise. If cloud flare don’t work sign up with Google analytics or Bing analytics just for safety net. We can’t afford to miss your cute posts 🙂

    • I don’t think so its got do anything with what you are saying. Because I can’t access any of the wordpress blog pages whether mine or others, unless I manually add “https” to the link if it is http already.

  2. Hahaha, you’re funny… Have you tried using a different Internet browser? Such as Firefox?

    Or restarting… hahaha, it sounds super funny, but a restart is all I needed after hours trying to connect to Yahoo! messenger, when all HTTPS connections stopped working for me on Internet Explorer, and Y! messenger uses IE to connect, it seems.

    • ooops someone thinks my blogs are funny. Now that’s something new coz most people would think its all gross and weird. LOL.

      aaaaaaaaaaah you have asked me a million dollar question :(. Yup i have restarted my laptop a lot many times while I was messing with the settings.

      I have no clue anymore. I always have to add https to all the http sites if I want to see them. ANNOYING

      • Hehe, yeah, absolutely 🙂 It is funny to me, and I love it.

        Mmm, did you tried Firefox or Opera browsers?

        Also, if you have Windowx XP, check this out:

        • Annoying thing is, the issue is only with WordPress sites. I am not having issues with any other site whether http or https. I tried other browsers too and I went another mile and checked on my other laptop too.

          The problem is between my connection setting and my browser setting but I can’t put my finger on it.

          Do you think banging my laptop on the wall or hitting it with a hammer should work?

      • Oh, lol, sorry… I didn’t realized the address I gave you is HTTP ^_^

        Do you, by chance, have an e-mail address that you read via webmail, over HTTPS protocol? For example, Gmail works like that. If so, write to me, and I’ll try to help some more… I can send you anything you need to download over Gmail. I would try with Panda ActiveScan, as on its latest installable version, can fix even registry settings.

        • I have windows 7. I also did a scan with tdsskiller.exe of Kaspersky. Is the Panda Active Scan anything different.

          Omg I am so burned up with this issue

          • Nooo, haha, don’t even think of breaking what is working well on 99% of things. Just take the chance of letting the frustration go, it’s just a feeling, after all.

            Mmm… there’s an option on Internet Explorer to restore all its settings to factory defaults. If you’re gonna try it… backup all your favorites first!! And make sure you didn’t needed any special setting to work normally with it, such as Proxy server configuration.

            • Already done but nothing worked.

              My third eye tells me it is one of that TINY LITTLE SETTING somewhere in the somewhere settings that needs to be unchecked. But I can’t find it is the problem.

              • Mmmm… have you checked if is on the Restricted Sites list?


                • Checked already. Then went another mile and added it in the Trusted Site.

                  • Wait, you said you use Google Chrome too… if it doesn’t work in either IE nor Chrome, it’s not the browser’s fault, and it won’t work on other browsers either. I’m sorry that I cannot help you, hehe. If that happened on my computer, I would check if it worked under Linux (as I have both Windows and Linux operating systems installed), and if it was a Windows only thing, I would try searching the register for “wordpress”, maybe I could find something.

                    • I don’t have Linux. And that is why I have given up on solutions 😦

                      A hammer perhaps…

                      Oh where are my manners ( never had them frankly), Thank you so very much for your time. It was really nice of you.

                    • Hehe, you’re welcome 🙂

  3. uzma

    very good idea aisha..;p

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