This Is For All My Regular Readers ( If I Do have Any :( )

Hello Everyone,

I know I have been nominated for so many awards by you and I am so happy and thankful to you guys.

The reason I have not yet forwarded the award or said anything in the same is due to the reason that I am having annoying issues with wordpress site. I have been waiting for my Network ppl to fix it and they had been really co-operative with me.

Today they told me that everything was fine at their end so there isn’t much they can do about it.

This has put me into a state of utter anger, confusion, desperation, fury, annoyance and still more emotions that I probably can’t write down atm because I know I wont be able to access this site in few mins. LOL.

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments, I keep reading them on Gmail and feel helpless not to be able to reply to them. And Thank you soooooo much for all the awards. I hope I can soon find myself forwarding them.


P.S: It took me an hour to publish this blog. Had to reload n reload n reload. ARG

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6 thoughts on “This Is For All My Regular Readers ( If I Do have Any :( )

  1. Asko Nõmm

    I, the very weird individual, am still here, still your reader. I’m a nerd, so I think WordPress has blacklisted your I.P. If so, you have to contact WordPress guys to get rid of that. But then again, with an I.P being blacklisted you wouldn’t be able to access WP at all, no matter how many refreshes you do. It works like this;

    1) you type an URL in the browser’s address bar
    2) your service provider will check if that URL is whitelisted
    3) if it is, a request is being sent to that URL, demanding to get a response
    4) if response is given, it will output the website

    Usually the error is in the response. If the website thinks your I.P is dangerous and therefore has been blacklisted, you will not get a response. If internet sucks, it can’t send a request so you won’t get a response. And so on. Somewhere along the lines, something goes wrong and you don’t see the website.

    Nerd out.

    • If my site was blacklisted it wouldnt open at all. But this one will open up after it has completely annoyed me with reloading a million times.

      Its like each time it opens up, its sticking its tongue out at me saying ” HUH ONLY 300 MILLION RELOADS? NEXT TIME ITS GONNA BE MORE.”

    • YO, its got nothing to do with IP blacklist. I tried loading the site 4-5 times and it loaded pretty fast. Please check for denial of service after getting visitors analytics

  2. irfy

    Just an internet issue, how long has it been you have had this issue?

  3. uzma

    wutever it is..may it solve soon…

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