I Can’t Access WordPress Sites Including My Own BlogPage

Hey guys,

I will be quick here.

From past several days I am unable to access sites of WordPress. The page takes forever to load and then it will show me “Webpage Not Available” Message.

Sometimes it will open for 5 minutes or so (like right now it did) and then it goes unavailable for infinity.

Its really annoying.

I contacted my network and they said everything is fine from their side. My site was opening from their end.

Here are the details:

Site loads for 5 minutes and then goes off for another hour or so. Basically it loads sometimes n sometimes it wont.
I have checked other browsers and its with all other browsers.
The issue is only with WordPress site. All other sites are working fine.
Its only with this connection. I tried using another connection and it was opening.

There seems to be some overlapping of settings for this specific site.

Any solutions….

Desperate need of help…. Solutions needed before I burn into flames because this is REALLY ANNOYING.

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8 thoughts on “I Can’t Access WordPress Sites Including My Own BlogPage

  1. irfy

    What browser are you using? clear all browsing data, cookies etc. Restart computer and restart your internet. Try logging on with a different computer see if it works.

  2. Same problem with me!!!


      how long has this been going on?

      • It’s been happening for about two weeks now, I contact wordpress but none of the suggested solutions worked, even on my two cell phones its not working. The only way to access my wordpress account is via Hotmail, but I can’t see how my blog looks, only the dashboard and tool bar:(

  3. Did u check the stats for visitors? Have you signed up for any analytics? Google or cloudflare? If yes then u can see who the most frequent visitors are. There if u see something like cashondemand or other non individual sites u have to block them. Many do what’s called DOS- Denial of service attacks. They request the pages of your blog so frequently that it would take forever to load.
    To cut the story short, if u have not signed up for analytics, u better. After 2-3 days of data collection, go in and check most frequent users and if u see exorbitant requests from funcky sites, block them using the analytics site. I suggest u sign up for cloudflare cos I did.


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