After 8 Hours Of Searching – Why Specific Site Wont Open…

Angry Men With Smoke From The Ears

Its more than a week since I have been having issues with my wordpress blog pages. Not just mine. The other blog pages on wordpress too.

I thought it was my network issue and I complained to them. I must admit that they had been wonderful in this regard and tried to find out the root cause. At first I was satisfied that it was a Network issue and as soon they fixed it, I would be good to go.

Until today they called and told me there was no Network issue. The site had been running on their end flawlessly.

And since they seemed to have been on my site to check it, I would like to thank them for their support and co-operation.

Anyway, so that hadn’t solved my problem so I set myself on the hunt to find the solution. I googled the problem and TABS OVER TABS I opened and read millions of problems and solutions and tried them on (no exaggeration). I have been reading solutions since past 8 hours.

I am literally erupting smoke and my eyes have popped out due to excess reading. I have told my problem to so many ppl that if  someone asked me AT THIS MOMENT to explain my problem, I AM GOING TO THROUGH A SUCKER PUNCH AT THEM because I am totally out of my mind but more than that I AM TIRED of having told my problem to everyone and having tried solutions but no one seems to have solution and nothing seemed to work.

After hours and hours of reading and experimenting, I have kind of found the root cause. 

For those of you who are having the same problem which is “Not being able to access certain site” please check which prefix site are you unable to open. Are you unable to Open Http site or the HTTPS site?

If you are unable to open the HTTP sites, simply put an “S” after HTTP in the url and the site works fine. That’s what I am doing right now.

Duh. Em no expert in this OKAY so I really don’t know the real solution. GO ASK THE EXPERTS.

For those experts out there, Now that I have given you the Root Cause, Solutions would be really helpful.

There is a patch on, would it work?

I have also disabled HTTPS/SSL  from Options > Under The Hood. (Yes I use CHROME. DONT ASK ME AGAIN)

P.S: Em just an innocent girl who loves playing with barbie in a pink dress. ( You know I said that sarcastically)

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One thought on “After 8 Hours Of Searching – Why Specific Site Wont Open…

  1. uzma

    GOD!!! 8 HOURS!!!!

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