Oh I Burnt My Hand…Oops Burnt It Again… Urggg Burnt It AGAIN

Silly Girl Pulling Her Ponytail

So I opened the hot water tap and a little of cold water tap yesternight (it takes a little while for cold water to run out and hot water to join in), While I waited I was engrossed with different random thoughts in my mind.  I hadn’t written down the details of 2 previous night’s dream in my Lucid Dream Journal. Also I definitely need to change my routine. I have got to get up early every morning. Need to practice more on lucid dreaming.

And while I was engrossed in my thoughts, I forgot that the Tap was more of the hot water and…….. Well you know what happened next.

So my hand became all red and I was like DARN IT. Need to put cold water on my hand.

Closed one of the tap.

Put my hand in the water again.


I had closed the cold water tap and put my hand in more hot water. LOOOOOOOL.

Damn. Who knew these taps could be such a rocket science. Anyway, so after a minute of thinking and analyzing which taps needs to be closed and which tap needs to be opened, I finally succeeded in gushing the cold water on my hand and soothe the burning feel.

Today morning, my hand was fine and the burning feeling was just a little tingly feel.

I went to the kitchen, filled my cup of tea, opened the tap and poured the water on the pot while holding it from handle.

Back to my thought. What dream did I see last night. It was something very extra ordinary. No it wasn’t Lucid Dream but it was more extra ordinary than a normal Lucid Dream. What was it. OMAGOSH. YES YES I REMEMBER.

In all the excitement of remembering what the dream experience was, I put my hand in the water.


It was the hot water.

Damn It *angry*

Gosh has no one heard of the concept of AUTOMATIC WATER MIXER in my house? DOES NO ONE CARE ABOUT MY SAFETY HERE?


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3 thoughts on “Oh I Burnt My Hand…Oops Burnt It Again… Urggg Burnt It AGAIN

  1. Asko Nõmm

    My family is like a bunch of primitive minds trying to justify they’re existence. They always hand the knife to me with the sharp part first, so I always freaking cut myself. I mean, it isn’t rocket science that knife should be handed to someone handle first. Not only that, they eat like animals, mouth open and stuff. Like Jim Carrey said; It isn’t a meal, it’s a struggle for life itself.

  2. uzma

    kindly dont think while doing something with water…or with taps….

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