My Fairytale Gone Bad

Evil Girl With Evil Dwarfs

I broke my egg shell only to realize that I was the ugly duckling among my step ducklings . So I isolated myself from the rest as I was a total misfit.

I wore a red hood (which my mother had made for all the siblings) and I went out on a world full of dangerous animals and full of deathly traps all around.

I met a cunning fox on my way and I trusted him because no one told me how, bad people wear good people masks on their face. This cunning fox led me into a dungeon where the evil witch trapped me. For years I waited for the woodman with an axe to rescue me but no woodman came. 

It was me by my side to help myself so one final day I pushed the evil witch into the fire and ran out. But unluckily I had not put the bread crumbs on the way that could lead me back.

Once again, I was wandering around the world with no shelter and no food. There on my way I met this fine lady who offered me an APPLE which I quickly ate as I was hungry.

When I woke up, I found myself lying on a deserted forest with pricks and stones everywhere. This is where I made my very own cocoon first time but the 3 pigs came and they huffed and puffed and blew my cocoon out, So I made an even stronger cocoon so they huffed and puffed and could not blow my cocoon.

By now I had learnt the art of lying which is why my nose had grown so long that people could hand tents over it after washing. Eventually I found a frog by the pond. I took it in my hand, brought it close to my lips and………


I had become a beast inside my own beauty.  A fine young Prince saw me eating the frog, and afraid that he would kill me I ran as fast as I could, but in the hurry my red hood got stuck in a tree branch and tore in half as I ran in hurry.

When I reached my cocoon, I found banners everywhere that the prince had desired to marry the person who owned the remaining half of the Red hood. I was happy. Was my life finally turning into a Fairytale?

I ran back to my mother to share the news which is where I found that the Prince had married one of my step sisters who had showed him a half tore Red Hood of her own.

And THEY all lived happily ever after.

Idk why I wrote this. Just wanted to mix up all the fairytales and make up a grand masterpiece. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Fairytale Gone Bad

  1. good fusion..keep blogging 🙂

  2. Girl in Veil

    Good creativity Ash and nicely developed but here it is called A CHARBA FILM STORY , and tell me the forggie u have with u is the one u ate n vomit out hehhehehe 🙂 pic is very lash

  3. uzma

    it wuz fun to read it but it has its own kind of feeling too..a gloomy + dangerous kind of…and yes love the pic…

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