10 Things I Easily Lie About Everyday…

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I think everyone can relate to these 10 Lies we all make at some point of our life (or everyday as in my case).

Q. Hey!!! (not a question but a prompt greeting)
Ans.: Hi

(Oh no. Not you again)

Q: How Are You?
Ans.: I am fine / Good/ Doing Great.

( How are you, I am fine is such a clichéd question answer. It doesn’t even mean anything anymore. Just a statement you say to begin a conversation)

Q: So how is everything going about in your life.
Ans.: Pretty great/ absolutely perfect / Everything is just good.

(clichéd question again. Which means you have nothing to talk about and this question is the ice breaker.)

Q: You should definitely come to my house. We make such good friends.
Ans.: Yeah sure. I would love to come to your house.

(Bluaaaaaaaaak… There… I lied on your face. Did you even notice?)

Q: I made those cookies. New recipe. *wink* *wink*
Ans.: hmmm. (formulating an answer) … Its good. *smile* *smile*

( These were the ugliest cookies I had in my life…*tongue* *tongue*)

Q: Gosh you are such a funny girl. You are always laughing, happy and full of humor.
Ans.: Yup. Thats meee *forced smile*

( Haha. You guys totally buy the masks I wear on my face. LOl)

Q: Do you remember those times when we were kids and we used to play doll house?
Ans.: eh… Yeah. Those times. Good ol’ times.

( The only time I remember is the time when you will walk out of my door).

Q: Did you have your lunch/ dinner?
Ans.:  Yeah I just had it sometime back.

(errr no. I was too lazy to get it…)

Q: What were you doing these days?
Ans.: Nothing much.

(I am reading books and researching on a new subject of my interest which you would not understand so I will save my energy from explaining the details to you and go with “Nothing Much” so that you can assume that I am a person with no life and I do nothing all day.)

Q:  So are such a sweet person.
And.: *Sweet Smile with an angel ring on head*

(*devilish smile with devil horns on head*)


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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Easily Lie About Everyday…

  1. Ha.. Great post Aisha.. again… 🙂

    Only question I’d answer differently is

    Did you have lunch/dinner?
    No, am working my backside off today.
    (yeah went and got myself a great burger, had a oreo shake and 2 hour lunch. Just read all the tweets and commenting on blogposts of ppl I follow….. ) JUST AS I AM DOING NOW 😉

  2. Girl in Veil


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