Behavioral Patterns Of Different Species Of Human Beings.

In my last blog on “Amazing Discovers By Aisha Einstein“, I told you about the classification of human beings into different classes. If you haven’t read that yet, please do read it because you may not enjoy this blog otherwise.

So after classifying the human into groups, I did a behavioral research on them to find out the patterns in which they behave. If you ask them questions, different groups will give you different reply.

Take A Look :

Question : What would you rather eat – a vegetable salad or a beef burger? 

Answers :

The Pretending Class : (with friends) A beef burger of course. (with parents) A vegetable salad of course.
The Shape Shifters :  I used to be a vegetarian but now I eat beef.
The Unconcerned Class : Just get me anything.
The OverConcerned Class : A vegetable salad (answer is follows a lecture on pros of vegetable salad and cons of beef burger).
The Isolated Maniacs : Beef Burger
The Weirdo Class : 2 Beef burgers, large fries and cold drink.
The So Called Geniuses : Beef Burger and salad.
The Pretending Shape Shifters :  I’l see what others are having first.
The Isolated Weirdo Maniacs : Does this look like a face of a Salad eating person to you?

Question : How important is Jogging to you?

Answers :

The Pretending Class : (with friends) Just a waste of time. (with parents) Absolutely essential everyday.
The Shape Shifters :  I used to be a lazy bone until I found so many chicks come jogging in morning. I love jogging.
The Unconcerned Class : May be I could discuss some work plans with boss while he is jogging.
The OverConcerned Class :  Jogging is a must (followed by a lecture on pros of jogging and cons of people who do not jog).
The Isolated Maniacs : Very important. I watch people jogging all the time. Its fascinating to watch them.
The Weirdo Class :  Whats jogging?
The So Called Geniuses :  Got no time for it.
The Pretending Shape Shifters :  I will agree to what the next person is going to say.
The Isolated Weirdo Maniacs : Does this body look like a body of a person who likes to jog?

Question : How do you spend your day?

Answers :

The Pretending Class : Oh I spend a very scheduled day. I give time to work, family, kids, friends, parents.
The Shape Shifters :  I have just started my job. So I do not know really.
The Unconcerned Class : Sleep > Get Up > Work > Eat > Home > Eat > Sleep.
The OverConcerned Class :  I take care of my kids and husband’s healthy life. I hardly let them do anything dangerous. I protect them (followed by a lecture on how most mothers do not know how to take care of their kids.)
The Isolated Maniacs : Sleep and internet.
The Weirdo Class :  Sleep, eat, internet
The So Called Geniuses : Eat, think, think, think and think.
The Pretending Shape Shifters :  There was a time once when I was a free young lad but look at me now. All reformed.
The Isolated Weirdo Maniacs : *yawn*

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8 thoughts on “Behavioral Patterns Of Different Species Of Human Beings.

  1. Asko Nõmm

    I’m exactly what I said on the last post. But in this case add The Isolated Weirdo Maniacs, too.

  2. uzma

    really awesome…:)

  3. The unconcerned me 🙂 also lol – aisha einstein??

    P.s also I’ve moved my blog over to an independent site. Check it out when you get a chance. (link on my gravatar)

    • Glad you enjoyed my blog. I will check it once my site issue gets fixed from the network.

  4. Ash its ur test u know me tell me i belong to which class or i’m the mixture of all coz i think each time i feel i’m in different catogory hehehehee. Awesome observstion n very informative:-) u remeber in uni we acted like all these classes each time in different way:-)

  5. Aisha! i love your posts and your blog and your contests, that’s why I’m nominating you for the Candle light award and the one lovely blog award , hope you enjoy them:

  6. Girl in Veil

    really 🙂

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