Amazing Discoveries By Aisha Einstein

1. Human beings may be one species but they have a vast diversity and can be classified as the following: 

The Pretending Class : They have the power to pretend to be someone they are not really inside.
The Shape Shifters :  They tend to change themselves depending upon their environment so you can never really know them.
The Unconcerned Class : This class of human beings only follow a fixed set pattern of Sleep > Get Up > Work > Eat > Home > Eat > Sleep.
The OverConcerned Class : All mothers (except few) fall in this category with exception of few fathers.
The Isolated Maniacs : They are the human class that tend to live in their own shell and do not like socializing, sunlight, air, water, oxygen, grass, birds, sky….basically everything natural and survive on gadgets such as mobile, laptop, junk food etc.
The Weirdo Class : These group have very specific tastes and likes which are considered gross and unacceptable by the other classes.
The So Called Geniuses : They are the ones who are believed to have a working brain.
The Pretending Shape Shifters :
Human species with features of shape shifters and pretending class.
The Isolated Weirdo Maniacs : Human species with features of both isolated maniacs and weirdo class.

2. The Eat Puke Theory : 

You can not eat and puke at the exact same time. Both the actions will happen one at a time. In most cases, eating happens first and then puking. There may be more eating and then more puking and the cycle may continue depending upon the type of human being as discussed in point 1.

3. If you are too lazy to get up and eat you can survive weeks without eating.

4. All good thinking and amazing discoveries of the world comes from the “Isolated Weirdo Maniacs” who are at that time unaccepted by the other classes and later when attain the name of “So Called Genius” and exactly why that is the name, they are accepted by everyone else.

5. It is common for young people to think it is okay to break free and it is common for their parents to think it is wrong to break free and it is absolutely common for both of them to think otherwise for the other.

I am further doing research on Behaviors of the Human Classification Of Species, So stay tuned 🙂

And Yes, I belong to the Isolated Weirdo Maniac Class.

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7 thoughts on “Amazing Discoveries By Aisha Einstein

  1. Asko Nõmm

    I’m the result you get when The Isolated Maniacs, The Weirdo Class & The So Called Geniuses have intercourse. It’s messy and the result is even messier. But hey, apparently it’s possible.

  2. I feel your best blog ever….funny…keep blogging 🙂

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  4. That’s part of what you aren’t… you’re just a perfect being, same as everyone else, you’re no different 🙂

  5. This comment is so I can receive notifications of replies, I didn’t checked the box before. If just posting is enough, you can delete this comment afterwards, thanks!

  6. i think im in the same category as you, dearest. nice discoveries…i wrote a similar post except it was more sane LOL. about the groups in school. its called ‘ lets gossip’ you should check it out.

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