They Purposely Hire Guys With Seductive Voices For Customer Service?

Customer Service Guy

Why do you mostly had to call any Customer Service? Exactly when you were angry and needed to make a complain to them.

Today was that time.

I got myself a new Pocket Modem and I was excited as a child. Finally I would have better speed and would be able to watch a youtube video without having to wait 15 minutes for it to buffer. But my excitement came crashing down when I was unable to open any wordpress blog page.

All other sites seemed to work in blink of eye but only wordpress blog sites were having trouble. Sometimes it will work for about 5 minutes and then be unavailable for half to an hour and so on. After spending yesternight somehow with refreshing, reloading, ctrl r-ing, Today morning I was furious and angry to find the same still happening.

RAGE, ANGER AND VOLCANO was boiling in my head and smoke erupting from my ears, I did what I had to.

Picked Up The Phone
Hit The Customer Service Number Of My Connection
Blah Blah Blah Of The Operator
(for this press 1, for that press 2, for smashing ur head on wall press 3, for putting our service on fire press 4).


Waiting for the representative while the advertisements played over and over again made me EVEN MORE ANGRY. By now I was BURNING WITH A FEROCIOUS TEMPER and thinking what all I will tell them until…

A voice said,
“Hello, This is ……… “

Oh My God. It felt like a wave of cold water had hit my face with a storming force. A voice straight from the heavens. Could any body have such a sweet melodious voice and yet so powerful in the same time? Obviously yes. This person did. What was his name again? But I couldn’t hear past his hello. It went through my ears and kept rolling in my head as if he kept saying hello, hello, hello hello…

“Oh sorry. I bought your connection yesterday and I seem to be having an issue with…….”

Wait a minute? Wasn’t I just so furiously angry and thinking what hard words I would tell them and here I am saying SORRY?

For next couple of minutes he took all the necessary information and then for further couple of minutes he asked me to do a few things.

“Please go to Start Menu”
“Go to run”
“type in…”
“CMD??? and then ping my site?”
“Yes Ma’am”
“Right, The ping is saying request time out.”

Okay so I am a girl and you think I am totally dumb at these stuff….I get it huh. Then I was made to do a few more things after which he asked me if I wouldn’t mind holding for a few minutes which I happily said I wouldn’t. OF COURSE I WOULDN’T.

For 5 mins I stayed on hold listening to the silence, waiting, waiting and waiting.

“Hello. I am sorry you had to stay on hold for a long while.”
“Noh, Thats fine.” 

(It was totally worth it…Thats what I actually wanted to say really.)

Anyway, so he took the IP and said this site may be getting blocked and he will get it fixed soon.

By the end of the call I found myself saying “Thank you so much” and I even gave the representative remark of “WONDERFUL SERVICE” after the call ended and the operator asked for remarks.

WTH? Why did I say that? And why did I remark the service as wonderful although I had to wait so long. aaaaahhhhh….. THEY PURPOSELY HIRE GUYS WITH SEDUCTIVE VOICES FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE….

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9 thoughts on “They Purposely Hire Guys With Seductive Voices For Customer Service?

  1. How we’ve thought the same way about girls !!! 😉

  2. hahaha…good one 😉

  3. Asko Nõmm

    The classic case of love at first sight (or call?). I remember when I worked as a Web Dev in an agency when one client was such of a douche I honestly wanted to stab him, but then the saleswoman who managed that client came to me and honestly without even knowing what the heck she was saying, i was completely blown away from her awesomely sweetly strawberry-ish smell and her oh-my-gosh-how-pretty face and such a make-me-melt voice.

    But the thing is, it’s all a conspiracy I tell ya! Their job is to screw with out open hearts and furious yet sweet minds. It’s a scam and the worst kind. Arghgh. I have a long way to go to adjust to this world.

    • Agreed….

      I gave him my blog page link. May b he would read this blog. LOL

      *wink* *wink*

  4. uzma

    yes because its CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE they r providing so they have to take ” care” 😉

  5. I work at customer service, and they really did do a phone interview first to make sure we sound friendly on the phone. We’re trained to be pleasant, tone is part of our quality score.

    • aaaaahhhhhh… So not fair. SO NOT FAIR. Why play with our feelings and emotions…. OUCH MY FRAGILE HEART 😦


  6. Girl in Veil

    Hmm good one ash and uzmi is right it’s all because of the word “care” and purposely they make us more angry by thier “THIRD CLASS SERVICE” so they can show some so called care for us;-)

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