Results Of The “Picture Worth Your Words Contest.”

Picture Worth Your Words Contest Aisha's Scrapyard

So this is the moment you have all been waiting for. Isn’t it? 😛

Before announcing the results (hey hey hey don’t scroll down :P… You better read my crap first), I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for taking part in the contest . This has been really fun. I enjoyed all the energy that you have all put in it. I enjoyed the entries as they came in and I enjoyed reading the comments on every entry. Although judging the contest was hell of a burden 😦 .

At one point of time I was even swearing myself, “Aisha why in the world did you have to throw the axe on your own foot.” Haha. Choosing one winner was such a hard job. I kept looping from one post to another and reading them over and again. Okay so here are the results :

The winner of “Picture Worth Your Words Contest” is….

**Drum Roll**

Helping Hands by Divya

Golden Trophy - DivyaHer poem is very different and I would give the credit to the different perspective of the writer who could see through the cold, scary and dark image and bring about an absolutely warm, beautiful and illuminated poem from it.

I may die, I may wither, I may snap
but i will never give up trying to help

These are my favorite lines of the poem and it gives me an inner strength when I say these words out loud in my mind.

Having the winner announced, You have no idea how much I am dying inside me because all other entries are equally deserving so I came up with an idea.

I am giving away ONE TITLE to each of the entries based on the striking feature.

1. The Title for the Best Reflection Of The PictureBridge Of Darkness by Olivia.

2. The Title for the Best Defining Title To The Picture” – Guardian Angel by Christina

3. The Title for the Vision Of True Love Beyond The WorldIts Not Your Time by Christine Smith-Johnson

4. The Title for the Perfect Conceptual Story To The PictureWhen An Angel Cries by Rana Armoush

5. The Title for the Breathing Story In The PictureHave I Lost Him by Arun

6. The Title for the Words That Reach The SoulMy Last Breath by Parry

7. The Title for the Flowing River Of Rhythmic WordsThousands Of Hands by Ahmad Khalifa

Congratulations Divya and congratulations to all the other contestants for their deserving titles.

Thank you

P.S:  Do tell me if you want me to start another contest (here I go again. Hitting the axe on my foot. LOL)
P.S2: Judging was conducted by 2 more people other than me. I would like to extend my Thanks to them for helping me out.

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23 thoughts on “Results Of The “Picture Worth Your Words Contest.”

  1. Awe…Aisha, I am so proud of you and I am on cloud nine that you recognized mine for exactly what it is. That is recognition enough for me, as I wrote it from what I imagined my husband would say to me if I was thinking of dying, to be with him. Congratulations to Divya! Well deserved!

    I enjoyed being able to choose between three pictures, this created a mystery, instead of the usual contests with one picture or one story line. You said go with the one that speaks to you and that allowed us to bring out our true selves, instead of forcing our true selves to match the title. It was the best!

    When I first started reading the entries, I was extremely impressed with each one for certain qualities, so I know this was torture trying to choose. You had some really awesome entries.

    A great finale would be to see which picture you chose and what you would write. You are a very talented writer. HInt, hint! 🙂

    Yes, we were ready for another contest the minute we sent the entries in. 🙂 We were all searching for other contestants, and couldn’t get enough. Thank you for giving us the opportunity, I had a blast!

  2. Divya, I tried to post on your site and could not…

    Congratulations! You turned ugly into beauty, and shocked us as we read. This was very well deserved!!! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope to see more from you and all the other contestants.

  3. Thanx Ash and Happy Birthday to U and Congrats to all my fellow contestants enjoyed alot in this contest and i will participate INSHAA ALLAH if u will start another one:-)

  4. Thanx Ash for appriciating all of us by giving us titles and Many Many congrats to Divya for winning the contest and for the rest of the partcipants for geting such a beautiful titles.i really enjoyed paricipating in the contest and INSHAA ALLAH if u will start another i will participate:-)

  5. Thank you so much Aisha 🙂 I am elated!! Thanks for the opportunity. This contest helped me write a poem – words that brought out my inner desire. It just helped me strengthen my own belief.

    Congrats to all the contestants for their passionate contributions 😀

    Oh yes!! I want another contest 😉

  6. lostupabove

    Congratulations to all who won.

  7. uzma

    congrats divya…i really love ur poem….n congrats to every body else who participated and congratulation to aisha as well that u have got such wonderful response n interest for the contest…N BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT!!!! 🙂

  8. Congratulations Divya, you so deserve it … I would’t have thought of any better way to present the picture other than the way you did ^_^

    Thanks Aisha for this title … It really made my day and I can’t express how happy I’m for taking a part in your contest and getting to know more amazing bloggers ^_^
    And thanks also for having us in this awesome contest and please please please, hit the axe on your foot again and come up with another wonderful writing contest 😀

    Congratulations to everyone on their titles 🙂

  9. It was a very good contest. Congrats to Divya (I’d have to try harder next time)

  10. Aisha I have to say I loved writing for your contest and enjoyed reading every other entry, Thank you for the title I’m honored to receive it. Please check my thank you post on :
    I’m sorry for the late thank you note but I’ve been having a lousy internet connection week. Congratulations to Divya, a well deserved award:) .And for all the other contestants I was honored to make your acquaintances.

  11. AhmadKhalifa

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay congrats divyaaaaaaaa and my fellow bloggers and of course me 😀 (H) and for u ash for ur efforts 😀

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