Yay… My Blog Is Rescued :)

So why em I writing?

Lol… Its my Karma. When something had gone bad, I wrote it out for everyone to read. So when something has gone good, I should write that down too. I don’t want to spread the wrong impressions while keep the right impressions to myself.

If you know what I mean :).

BlogHyped responded to my Copyright Claim and apologized for it. They have edited the article to just an excerpt and also asked if I wanted it to be removed completely.

Also since BlogHyped is a user-run site. It does not allow plagiarism and content theft and they have their own TOS which restricts its users to do so.

So in the end, I have no grudges or bad impressions about this site as a whole 🙂

Thank you BlogHyped for taking action.



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9 thoughts on “Yay… My Blog Is Rescued :)

  1. All iz well that ends well 🙂

  2. Asko Nõmm

    Congrats. I guess there are actually some decent people on the interwebs, too, besides perverts and 9gag users.

    • Yes. And they succeeded in melting away my anger appreciating my blogs. LOL 🙂

      And Thank you by the way for being around while I was erupting volcano 🙂

      • Asko Nõmm

        Volcano’s are hot. That came out wrong. Think of me as a creep, it’s gonna be real hard to get rid of me. That also came out wrong.

        • Have I told you I have serious fascination for creepy, spooky, paranormal, weird beings :P.

          • Asko Nõmm

            Yes, I believe you have and if I’m not mistaking it was just a few minutes ago. I’m an intelligent weirdo with a completely unintelligent sense of humor who loves cute things that make me go all “Awwwww” on your asses. I also may or may not be afraid of girls and cats and girls with cats. Someone should interview me, that is if they won’t call the police first.

  3. uzma

    happy for u…:)

  4. happy to hear that ur stuff is rescued:-)

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