My Extremely Clean Work Table Or Second Home

Messy Desk Cartoon Image

I just rolled back myself on the chair and glanced at my work table where I spend 90% of my awake time everyday. The rest of the 10% is small breaks for call of nature, call of hunger and call of mother. LOL.

I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED when I looked at my table. For some reasons I can say that its cleaner than it always is :S Now that’s something weird.

Lets take a look.

On my left side is my earphones connected to my laptop. On my left is a calling card used to call out of country. Oh there is my anklet there too right next to the earphone. I have been planning to fix it since past 4 days.

On my right is where a HUGE old antique Stereo System is. I have put the Speakers underneath the table because they are huge too (plus I can use it as a foot rest). This one is a Silver Stereo System from the 1980’s. It was my brother’s and to honor his feelings, I took over it and placed it on my table. LOL.

Need more details? Visit RADIO MUSEUM. It’s the same model I have. LOL

Okay so between my laptop and this old antique system is a little space where I have my Journal, where I write my Lucid Dream experiences, dreams and stuff. There is a notepad because sometimes it is easy scribbling down on paper than typing if you are on a call and need to write important stuff.

My mobile phone lying carelessly over my Journal.

There is a rubber band, hairband and a small clip ( just in case I need them. So I don’t have to get up. But I rarely use em coz my hair is always tied in a messy

On the stereo system are Recharge Cards of my mobile and internet add on ( No time to throw them away) and there is the box in which my Pocket Modem came. There is also the receipt of my pocket modem which is lying open (somebody please fold it). There is a brown envelope (it’s not even mine. What the hell is it doing here :S ), and there are two aroma candles. One is Vanilla fragrance and the other one is coffee (though coffee has lost its aroma).

And needless to say wrappers of the chocolates I ate, crumbs of cookies, tissues, broken leads of my mechanical pencil, a pen that doesn’t work, some more leads and dust.

Did I tell you that I have a garbage bin right under my table. Yes you guessed it right. It’s sparkly clean and empty.


I am a hygiene addict 😛

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7 thoughts on “My Extremely Clean Work Table Or Second Home

  1. Asko Nõmm

    My table is very messy, too. I have my notebook in the middle and … that’s it. Sometimes I freak out when there’s dust on my screen, it makes me feel dirty. Darnet to heck why everything I say comes out so bloody wrong arhghghgh?!??

  2. uzma

    u r not up to my expectations…its so clean table…i expected ALOT from u…:P

    • Trust me it’t not upto my expectations either. There had to be some more used Tissues (gross :P) and there had to be more empty wrappers of chips and cookies and empty cup of tea.

      But you I had to clean it up coz there a visitor coming 😛 lol

  3. call of mother only in 10% of the day. Aunty is very generous to u here i have 90% of mother’s call out 100;-) and which anklet is broken don’t say the one i gave u

    • Oh it’s not broken. Apparently one of the “foot” in the anklet is hanging 2 places after the previous one. So I just wanted to get it closer. But 😦 😦 😦

  4. hmm u will fix it i know my wisy-wise idea master 🙂

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