Top 10 Major Crisis And Problems Of My Life.

Major Crisis And Problems

1. I am hungry and I am lazy at the same time. If I get up to eat, I have to leave laziness and if I stay, I have to leave food.

2. The label on the back of my shirt is annoying me. It’s like a small needles pinches you ever second.
(In case you are thinking that why don’t I remove it, please read point number 1 again.)

3. I shut my laptop, its 4 AM and now all I want to do is go to my bed, read some book on my cell and go off to sleep. But my cell’s battery is low and the charger isn’t near my bed.

4. Okay so I am on my bed, my head over my soft pillow and em tucked in under my blanket. This moment is heavenly. OH WAIT!!! I forgot to turn off the lights.

5. I get up from my bed to find that someone wore my slippers and forgot to keep it by my bed. Huh. Now I have to walk 5 steps bare footed. YEWK.

6. 11 Am –  Okay I have to wish my friend at exact 12 AM
4 PM  – Yes I will wish them at exact 12 AM
9 PM  – Just few hours until 12 AM.
11 : 30 PM  – Okay just 30 more minutes. Let me watch T.V until its 12 AM.

7. I need to eat some chocolate ASAP. Too bad there ain’t any in the house.

8. Okay I will just go into the kitchen, make a cup of hot dark chocolate coffee I will be out of the kitchen in 1 minute. aaaaaahhhhhhh I broke the cup and spilled the coffee all over the floor. Now its going to take me so much time to clean it up 😦

9. Every time I open my cupboard, I pray that I come out alive and hopefully with a dress to wear for the day.

10. What’s the big deal if I am wearing a jeans on a wedding? It’s not my wedding anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Major Crisis And Problems Of My Life.

  1. irfy

    Number 2 – I really hate those labels. lol

  2. Asko Nõmm

    I’m also very lazy. But when it comes to food, I’m lazy in a whole new way. Usually I go to kitchen, bring my notebook with me and after the food is eaten, I stay in the kitchen surfing web for another hour or two simply because my stomach is full and it’s way too hard to walk 5 feet. I always rip them freaking labels off my shirts because they are annoying as hell. When my phone runs out of battery, it usually stays shut off for a few days due to it being way too hard to take the re-charger from the table. When I forget to turn off the lights, I don’t care the slightest and continue sleeping. I always walk bare footed or with socks, maybe it’s just an European thing, I don’t know.

    My memory is so miserable that I don’t even know my moms birthday. I know the month tho’, but that doesn’t help much. When I’m craving for something, I go to the store just to find out that I don’t really need any of it. I’ve never been to the wedding, but I was at a funeral with beach shorts and tank-top. Some of the attendants may or may have not looked weird at me.

    • Haha. I enjoyed reading that. Really. And I am the same lazy as you are :S :S :S. But hey its not lazy. We are just energetically challenged. That’s what I like to call it. I rip off the labels too (the reason plenty of my shirts are torn from the collar side) but sometimes they just wouldn’t rip off. So :(.

      When it comes to remembering anything (including birthdays), one of my friend reminds me of it (she is my talking calender and alarm). I would just text her saying, “Remind me at so n so time about so n so stuff and make sure you confirm that I did it.” LOL

      And omg going to the funeral in beach shorts and tank-top. Haha. I liked that. *thumbs up*

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