Extremely ANGRY Over My Blog Copied Elsewhere

Today when I came online, I saw a pingback in my comments so I went to see where I was linked back. To my utter shock my entire blog was copy pasted there without my permission and in the end there was a source link.

I mean seriously?

My blogs are something that defines me, makes me, expresses me. Something that’s PERSONAL and I like them to stay on my PERSONAL BLOG PAGE.

How can someone just randomly pick up someone’s personal blog and put it elsewhere without even asking me?

I am sorry if I you think I am over reacting but my blogs are not just words, they are my feelings, the things I go through, my thoughts… This is my personal blog page and I do not want to see my blogs being taken away from my personal blog page and put up elsewhere.


And c’mon if you want to share it, just give an EXCERPT and then link back to my page to read the rest of the entry. That’s still acceptable although I still don’t like this idea.

I am so annoyed and angry right now that I feel I should just delete my Blog Page, wordpress account too and erase all my posts because I do not want to see my personal blogs detached from me.

*blood boiling point*

Here is the link : http://bloghyped.com/2012/01/22/each-time-you-give-another-chance/

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18 thoughts on “Extremely ANGRY Over My Blog Copied Elsewhere

  1. I don;’t think you need to fret so much. Its some kind of aggregator that pulls in voted posts and also provides the link for source post that points to this blog. You can just mail to the address there . Let me know when you do that. You could also sue him as you have copyrighted your content, but that ain’t a Johnny’s breakfast by any means.

    • An except is what you do when you like something and want to share it. And its something called “Permission.” I have already emailed them and got no response. And I am very possessive about my stuff so yeah I will fret 😦

  2. uzma

    completely agreed…but calm down dont increase ur B.P. coz of such people..n just think of us before erasing ur blog page…me and other people love to read them dear ash…atleast u know i love to come and read ur posts..:)

  3. Nah dear, don’t delete your blog.

    I am sending him some “nice” tweets to his Twitter account @BlogHyped

    • Oh no no please don’t do that. I have emailed them already. I will see if I get a response.

      • Well you can send them a tweet about this stealing/copying. Mention @BlogHyped in the end of your tweet so all your followers will read that too.

  4. yar it was not copied.
    Read what Bloghyped is about 😦

  5. Asko Nõmm

    You always have the option to make your blog private and give access to only the one’s you trust. Certainly your blog will not get much (I mean any) new visitors and possible long-time readers then, but it’s an option nevertheless. That being said, I agree that using content that someone created without permission of the creator is wrong and possibly even illegal (read the licence/tos of WP.com).

    • Agreed. But isn’t it so understood that a blog page is supposed to be a page that contains your personal blogs. The definition of the blog itself contains the words “Personal Journal.” Its like tearing away a piece from your personal diary and putting it on another diary.

      I read the TOS of wordpress and I guess we are responsible for our content unless they are being used for unlawful or illegal activities in which case we should inform WP.

      • Asko Nõmm

        These days the word “blog” is a very foggy version of the original meaning and hence doesn’t necessarily have to be “Personal”. But you have the right to define your blog the way you want it, be it for journalism, thoughts, photos or whatever. My opinion is that such personal things that one wouldn’t like to be misused is best kept behind curtains simply because whoever wants to, will misuse it. Which is also a reason why I don’t go into deep detail when it comes to my blog, I just merely scratch the surface and try to let readers know of the big picture, not what the picture is made of.

        • That’s what I do too really. I write my blogs in generalized idea which everyone goes through but yet they are personally written and I own them. I am not getting furious that my personal life is out (Because there is no personal life in my blog. Just general life) yet my content has been taken off without my person and email has been dispatched to their host.

  6. Extremely ANGRY Over My Blog Copied Elsewhere Aisha's Scrapyard has been stored like a favorite :), I really like your blog!

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