Every Pixel On The Palm Of My Hand… Suddenly Clear :S :S :S

Tree On A Hand

For those of you who have been reading my blogs on “Journey Inside Me” which basically covers the blogs that I write on sharing my experiences as I learn to Lucid Dream and in the way learn about my inner self.

This learning makes me do Reality Checks as much as possible when I am awake and question myself as ” Am I Dreaming?” and then a Reality Check to prove that I am not dreaming. This will build my habit to question myself in dreams too. ( I won’t go in details as already has been told.)

My reality check consists of me looking at my hands. Then passing them through objects.

Recently I have realized that as I practice my reality checks and as I look at my hand several times of the day, The lines on my hand have become distinct and visible everyday.

In the start, I did not notice it until today when I just did my reality check, I stared at my hands for a couple of minutes. Then a few more minutes. I don’t know what, why and how because I clearly remember that a few days back I was trying to read the lines of my hand (just for fun) and I couldn’t see the finer lines.

I even used to wonder why there are so few lines on my hand. Just the major ones.

Anyway, I won’t be exaggerating this subject as it may be just because I never noticed them before may be.

But now? I can see every pixel on the palm of my hand. So many lines. Just so so many of them. I can see the pattern of my finger print which begins with a bean shape and then goes round and round and round.

There are several vertical and horizontal lines on all my finger tips. There are crosses, #s, +, – and tic tac toe line patterns on my entire hand. There are also many roots coming out from the major lines. There are several tiny little crosses at the palm area right below my pinky finger. And I can even see the print on my entire palm just like the finger prints we have.

I guess I was sleeping all this while and until now that I am actually awake. Lucid Dreaming has taught me to be CONSCIOUS of the world I am living in and it has made me realize that every minor detail of our life that we take for granted, that we don’t even look at, is so wonderfully beautiful.

Now that I look at things more consciously it makes me think how wonderful God’s creation is. He has made unique patterns on every big and small things and we human, do not even stop for once in our life to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I absolutely am all praises to Allah and in trans at the moment at how detailed everything in this universe is.

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One thought on “Every Pixel On The Palm Of My Hand… Suddenly Clear :S :S :S

  1. AlLHUMDULILAH for all he has given to us n beautifully written ash:-)

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