Each Time You Give Another Chance…

Bleeding Wrist Of A Girl

“You should give it another chance you know.”

How many times do you hear this statement in your life when you resolve to close yourself on doing what you always do. Like closing doors on your friends, Locking yourself from the world, Declaring not to make up with the guy who shattered you, Stopping yourself to care about others because no one actually gives the same back to you and more blah blah blah.

Well basically what I am trying to say is, in life, you face situations where you give something or someone a chance and it or they totally blows it off. So then you make a resolution to yourself that you wont give it/them another chance.

That’s it.

You are done.

But people… GOSH!!! They just don’t understand anything, EVER.

They keep telling you that you should give it another chance. urgghhhh.

Sometimes, you yourself find loosing the grip of resolution, Because you feel that may be you are being too hard. Not hard on others. But being too hard on yourself. Punishing yourself for the faults of others so there you go.

You break free your resolution and give it another chance.

Only to find,

It was yet another mistake.

Each time when you give chances to them, they screw it up. But you know what is the most painful part of it?

When you break your resolution,
And give someone a chance,
It requires a lot of courage
Which does hurt you.


Because courage means you are actually giving another chance to someone who abused you, crushed you, shattered you or giving another chance to something that failed you, hurt you, mocked you.

That courage, gives pain.

But that’s not the end of it.

When your chance blows off,
Yet again,
It requires a lot of strength
Which does hurt you.


Because that strength means you actually went through everything that happened before, all over, once again, just because you decided to give it/them another chance.

And so my dear friends ( when I say friends, I really don’t mean it coz I make no friends… I was just going with the flow of words), I don’t give chances to anything or anyone. Once I am done, I really am done.

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5 thoughts on “Each Time You Give Another Chance…

  1. sounds like one angry post !!!

  2. oh’k…

  3. uzma

    a warning for all….dont screw up with ash 😛
    but yes agreed…n when once a crack has been made between any relationship it never goes off even after another chance…

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