They Pull Me Out To Throw Me Back… Deeper Into The Hole

Falling Into A Black Hole

It’s a very strange world that I have seen.

I am a person who is basically falling deeper into the black hole every moment of life, slowly and gradually although. This black hole is getting deeper and darker as I keep falling into it.

In the start I was afraid that I would fall down and get hurt when I hit the ground. But that fear has vanished as I realize that this hole is endless. It just keeps going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.

Having realized that, I am certain that there will be not instant pain or hurt as I shall never hit the ground. I will only deplete, erode, bruise and burn  myself slowly as I keep falling deeper into it.

What’s funny is, every now and then, I see a hand from above , trying to help pull me up. But I am not sure if I should actually socialize with that stranger/friend/person who is trying to help me. I trust no one and I need no one is the policy.

In the same policy I have passed so many hands that have come to me.

Yet, once in a blue moon, I set aside my policy of trust no one and I need no one, and I give that stranger/friend/person a chance to do what they seem to be doing, help me?! I guess, For that’s what they show.

They stay by my side even though I keep warning them of everything I am jinxed with and that I am evil and should be let to fall in this dark hole. Yet they seem to be pulling me out of the hole so in the course of the time I loosen my grip of my policy. They seem to open up too. I help them in every regard as much as I can and sometimes even more than I can actually handle.

Soon the help they needed is achieved.

And one final moment,

When I am still being me, as I was, for the last entire time of our meeting, they find one loophole over which they can accuse me, blame me and finally tell me “YOU ARE JINXED AND EVIL AND YOU SHOULD JUST BE LEFT FALLING IN THAT HOLE.”

And I am like… “errrr excuse me… I already told you that as a warning before.”


But it’s too late.


They have pushed me back deeper into the black hole with greater speed and thrust so now I will deplete, erode, bruise and burn faster than I did before or until I find my same pace of falling.

And each time I am pushed back deeper into the hole, I realize my trust no one and need no one policy was correct after all.

Although the black hole that I am falling in seems like a very scary place, but to me it’s the safest place that I can find for myself because I guess there really is no place for people like me on this earth.


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11 thoughts on “They Pull Me Out To Throw Me Back… Deeper Into The Hole

  1. huh!!!

    • Wow, it is amazing how you turn reality into this. I can feel the pain when I am reading it and for a while afterwords. Empathy sucks 🙂 lol

      You really do have a way with words that sucks the reader into the moment. Another great one!

      • I am glad my words can make that impact. I always feel after having finished writing that I have not been able to convey the picture as correctly as in my mind.

  2. Sammy

    Do you mind if I use your picture to use in a power point presentation I am going to be doing at a high school? Do you have anymore? It conveys the best message I have seen thus far in my search.

    • Hmmm. Sure no problem if it helps in your presentation.

      I don’t think so I have the same of these sort but if you let me know the criteria and subject of your presentation I may be able to find them for you.

      • Sammy

        The topic that I am doing I will be doing with a group from the school I am going to. Our main theme is Identity and my portion was how identity affects someone’s life in such a way that the only way out is suicide.
        Thank you for all your help and allowing me to use your pictures.

        • Oh I see. Good luck with your presentation. I will try finding if I have any of such images. I will upload them on AshPicYard @

          So you can check it out tomorrow. If I have them, they will be uploaded.

          Best Wishes

  3. Tarun

    Its all in your head. Black hole with no bottom, a spiral of darkness or a tunnel with a flickering ray of light towards the end. It is what you want it to be 😛 😀

  4. Hi — this is a powerful image, and like another of your commentors I would like to use it for a blog post. This feeling of being ‘in the hole’ is one that I believe many can relate to.

    Let me know. I can be reached at amykaywat at gmail dot com.

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