Conscious In My Dreams But Not Lucid Yet

Lucid Dreaming

The night before yesterday was very amazing and important for me. The experience was in itself weird and strange yet it was fascinating enough to make me curious for what lies ahead.

I am still a starter at this so it gives me goosebumps to think if this is the start, what would the future show me.

This particular night I had about 3 to 4 different dreams and the amazing, weird and strange peculiarity of this dream was that in every next dream I knew what my previous dream was. I was so conscious within my dreams that I remembered that I had a dream before this one.

My consciousness level was at the stage where I was even telling myself “Okay you have to remember this when you wake.” I seemed to be reminding myself that I have to remember that I knew my previous dreams in the next dreams.

Then there was this last dream that was even more peculiar. 

In my dream I saw a guy who had come with his uncle to my house with the intention of asking me for marriage. My family and my close relatives were at my house and seemed to be very happy about it.

It was at this time that within my dream itself I remembered a dream almost as back as 15-20 days where I saw myself married to a guy who I have never seen before ( not seen with my conscious eyes of course… I must have just seen him may be unconsciously and it was somewhere in my mind). So in my dream, I remembered the dream I had 15-20 days back and I was trying to see if this face matches the face of the guy I saw.

This whole experience although clearly stated that I was not lucid enough to take control of my dreams or to realize that I was dreaming but I was very well conscious, A sign that I am now one more step closer to lucid dreaming.

P.S: WHAT!!!??? I am a young women okay… It’s very normal for me to dream about guys and weddings LOL.

P.S2: As dreams are only a part of your inner self, these dreams are appearing to me because the picture of wedding isn’t a very good one in my mind. Wedding dreams are my nightmares. So you can stop smiling 😦

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3 thoughts on “Conscious In My Dreams But Not Lucid Yet

  1. Ha. I see a budding script for inception 2.

    • Damn everyone keeps saying inception and here I am who hasn’t seen inception yet. Must see it asap 😦

      • Girl in Veil

        yes u have to see inception it is very beautifully defines this type but also see insidious as well its about astro projection of one soul in dreams very scary one. it is about how one is able to travel conciously in dreams and its side effects:-)

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