Weirdly Relaxed Sleep & OMAGOSH I Don’t Remember Last Night’s Dream

Fantasy Girl Sleeping

Yesterday night, if you read my blog, I was mentally too tired because of the entire past week trying to keep my mind awake. The stress went down to my neck and shoulders and I felt dizzy when I got up from my desk to go to bed at 3 A.M (yup earlier than usual).

Yet I was determined and continued to keep my mind awake while sleeping and when the sleep came, I have no idea. lol.

When I got up this morning, I was unusually relaxed. I felt my head was light as compared to the past week that I got up with a heavy head. My mind was relaxed.

And that’s when I tried to remember what dreams I had last night.

I have been remembering at least 2 or 3 dreams every morning since the past entire week. There has been no single day when I woke up and couldn’t remember my dream.

But today….

To my utter horror I couldn’t remember my dream. Not a single one.

I was BLANK…

I was terrified.

Had it got something to do with how I was feeling about all this? Feeling tired? Did it unconsciously reach my brain and my brain responded to it by stopping all the extra work? Why Am I so relaxed today morning? Did I sleep unconsciously all night?

OMAGOSH this can’t be….

Its the 9th Day today since I started this journey.

Did all my previous practicing go in vain?

Do I have to start over again?

I panicked…

Then I tried to relax myself. Okay. Its okay. I just don’t remember it today. I have been remembering all past week so skipping one day shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Its really okay Aisha. Don’t panic. Relax and go brush your teeth.

Although I was still panicked inside, I tried relaxing myself and went to wash my face.

As I splashed water on face, One dream hit my memory. ohhhhh that was relaxing now. I remembered one dream for today. Then as I tried to analyse this dream, another dream hit my memory. Yayyyyy I was happy.

Then as I came to my desk with my cup of tea and started writing down the “Strange Written Message” that I got in my dream, the third dream hit my memory. I met a person whom I have never met in my life and I don’t know the name either. Just know that the person exists.

Finallllyyyyyyyyyyyy YAYYYYYYY

My excitement came back and I was once again determined into my journey.

I was more happy because now my brain has got used to the extra working. It can stay awake all night and yet feel relaxed in the morning.

Strange Written Message?
Person I have never met or seen before? 

Yeah I got a written message in my dream. I don’t remember the exact wording. It was like a riddle and it made sense a little. I have written it down in my book. I will try to solve this piece of puzzle later.

And yes the person whom I saw, Well, hopefully in future when I see or meet this person, I will know if my dream has actually shown me a person before I have even seen or met.

Ain’t that crazy?
But Thats Just Meeeeee 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Weirdly Relaxed Sleep & OMAGOSH I Don’t Remember Last Night’s Dream

  1. hmm very interesting:-)

  2. AhmadKhalifa

    hehehehehe i was going to tell u not to rush remembering ur dream cuz ur mind might be in lag 😀 it can come to u later or it wont come at all, depending on how strong ur memory is 🙂
    for me whnvr i feel like i had a dream i try to hold on to it in my memory and whn i go to the bathroom to wash my face i just stand over the sink look in the mirror and try to rewind the dream and see what happened and analyze it as well 🙂
    but most of the time it ends with a daydream 😀 or just a stray mind 😀 and my mind is always astray 😀
    like last night while i was driving i got bored from traffic jam and i let my mind flowwwww 😀 that’s y am so afraid of driving although am a good one 😀
    sometimes i let my mind stray even whn am driving that’s it’s so hard to concentrate 😦 anyway it’s a big story, sorry again for this huge comment 🙂

    • lol.

      So as astray mind there. If you heard of the slogan “Don’t Drink And Drive”, I have made a slogan for you : ” DONT THINK AND DRIVE.”

      *Giggles Out Loud*

      • AhmadKhalifa

        hahahaha or dont drive at all 😀 i do that also whn am walking while listening to music ;D but walking is safer than driving 😀

  3. uzma

    lol….actually your mind did nt forget the dreams its just that it takes a bit time to recharge after a relaxed sleep…dnt worry this relaxed sleep will help u out…
    n really interesting journey..i wish that i may get alerts on my cell for each happening…:(

    • So ur like expecting that I send u an sms every time something happens 😛

  4. I decided to enjoy my dream world and so slept for around 20 hours (with intervals for food, ofcourse! 😉 ) and had the most awesome day (albeit subconsious) in my life. I am writing a post on the entire experience.

    • hey sorry. I noticed you had subscribed to my wordpress blog. It was a faile initiative.I blog at . My wordpress one will be deleted as I don’t post anything on it. Please do follow my blogger blog.

  5. uzma

    c’mon can i expect u such a big i know how lazy u r…:P

  6. uzmi don’t give challenge to Ash remember major notes how she managed to do it in few days urgent challange 🙂 and recent contest is also the example that she is not that much lazy;-)


      The secret is I had to do all the notes over my laptop. And I can work for hours n hours if I just have to sit in one place. No major physical movements 😀

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