Contest Closed For Judging

Picture Worth Your Words Contest Aisha's Scrapyard

Hello contestants and fellow readers…

(Gosh I look so silly when I talk formal…LOL)

Okay, So the Picture Worth Your Words Contest has been closed for Judging. The results will be announced on the 26th of January as per mentioned in “A Contest Coming Up… Participate And Spread The Fire…” 

At first I was thinking, “10 days for judging? Whats wrong with you Aisha. Judging can be done within few hours. DUH you’r so weird.” But looking at the amazing and wonderful entries that I have got, 10 days are still not enough for me to judge them. So I guess this is where I can tell to myself “I TOLD YOU SO.”

And frankly, I don’t even think if I am even capable of Judging such marvelous, exceptional and bona-fide entries that you have all given me. 

Some of my silent readers, who have been keeping an eye on my contest and going through the entries (but haven’t laid a comment) have personally told me that all the entries are awesome and that each entry was a master piece in itself. (people speak for yourself…)

errrr okay chop chop….

Here are the list of contestant entries (in order submitted) :









Wow… I thought I would not have more than 5 entries. This is good for the start 🙂

Guys, Thank you so much for showing your interest, taking time from your busy schedule and making it for the contest. It means a lot to me that you have all given it time and given me different perspective on life. These entries are each amazing.

My good wishes to all of you. May the best entry win. 

Keep in touch because I may post “Top 3 Contest Entries” within the next 5 days (em not sure. No promises) or I may go directly with the winner (still not sure and still no promises).

Until next time, Stay Beautiful and Keep Writing 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Contest Closed For Judging

  1. ahmadkhalifa

    well do boss 😀 and i literally made it late than never 😀 i hope i wont be at the worst 3 list 😀 LOL
    as for keeping an eye out it might be hard cuz i might be away for 2 weeks or so 😀 “call of duty” if u know what i mean 😀

    so all my best wishes for my fellow contestants and myself 🙂
    good luck with ur verdicts too 🙂

    thank u so much for throwing out a contest like that and i hope u will be our host for such nice events 🙂

    • Your most welcome. And I sure would love to be a host (although practically I hate to be one when I have guests in the house….haha)

      • AhmadKhalifa

        hahahaha 😀 yeah that would be a nightmare wouldnt it 😀

  2. Thanks Aisha for the opportunity 🙂 Like i said, I really enjoyed participating and i know you have a tough job out there!! Good luck for judging and best wishes to my fellow contestants!

    BTW, i commented on more posts but couldn’t leave a comment on your contest post.

    I hope am still in the race!

    I am eagerly awaiting the results 🙂

  3. Every single piece of work sent in this contest was its own kind of Master piece no doubt and while reading them i felt my self captured in beautifull and different worlds of different, unqiue and creative minds.
    very different experience of my life thanx Ash for such a creative activity it honed my minds machinery very well 🙂

    i commented on these last entries as well i hope my comments are helpfull in judging the righteous winner

    From my side to all of the contestents BEST OF LUCK, cheerz

    • AhmadKhalifa

      i think u r right 🙂 every one of us has their own unique skills and perspective on things :)and i cant deny that all the posts i read was truly amazing, we all thank ash for her creative thinking for bringing us together 🙂
      i hope we form some sort of supreme council of writers or something 😀 dont u think :D?

      • ooooh all the entries have made your head spin I think. Take it easy. Baby steps. One step at a time. HAHA

  4. Thank you Aisha! Have a great week and please don’t stress yourself out trying to choose. 🙂

    • AhmadKhalifa

      poor girl 🙂 she might read them over and over again, and yet she might discover that 10 days was really not enough time 😀 and she might give up 😀

      we hope that u will get out of ur judge chambers in one piece 😀 and with a verdict 😀

      good luck to u Ash 🙂

      • :-O


        Well, I already have a lot on my mind at the moment. I am doing so much all that the same time that I find myself awake till morning because my mind is constantly thinking.

        So many pieces of puzzles to join 🙂

        But don’t worry, I try coming out in one piece.

  5. uzma

    wow…8 entries…i think fire has spread to a good level..m not a contestant but i have been gone through each writing of the participants…n really all of them r just AWESOME!!! n m also eagerly waiting for the results n winning writing… best of luck to u all….:)

    • Yayyyyy you commented 😀

      Thank you so much for being a part of this. You know it means a lot ( nah em just saying it 😛 😛 :P)

    • Thank you Uzma! That is so sweet of you. It really was fun, reading all of them. I wanted more! 🙂

      You must be a friend of Aisha’s with all that teasing going on. lol

  6. uzma

    it was my pleasure Christine…n yes m aisha’s freind..unfortunately..just kidding…lol 🙂

  7. uzma

    ash really dnt be so formal with me…it does not suit us…:P

  8. AhmadKhalifa

    how’s ur project of lucid dreaming goin 🙂 and how’s the judging goin as well 🙂
    hope u r doin great in both 😀

    • Keep reading as I am going to be blogging about everything in my journey to lucid dreaming

      • AhmadKhalifa

        am sure it will be awesome 🙂
        best wishes with ur quest 😀

  9. Hi Ash,
    Really, I had so much fun while participating in your contest! And getting to know other writers and reading what they wrote was very inspiring! 🙂

    Thanks again and again for making the contest and may Allah help you to choose the best entry, it must be a hard thing to do since every post was amazing in it’s unique way!

    • It sure is difficult. That’s why I am not looking into the entries right now. I want to clear my head first from any prejudice and then I will read all the entries once again and giving each entry ample time for reflection.

  10. Missed this one, courtsey lethargy, will be back in the next one 🙂

  11. reading-stars

    You are nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. If you wish to accept the award please visit the last nominations post at

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