Dreaming A Lot Suddenly – One Step Closer To Lucid Dream

Girl In Her Winter Dreams


So the journey continues.

My practice is still going on. Yeah the reality check practice. I have given myself reminders of doing so. Like each time I see my cell phone, I will do a reality check. Each time someone calls my name, I will do a reality check. And each time a new email comes in my gmail, I will do a reality check. LOL 🙂

Now after a few days of getting involved in Lucid Dreams, I have realized that I have been dreaming a lot lately.

That’s not the case.

Most of us think that we do not dream at all or that we rarely have a dream. FALSE.

Normally we all have at least 3 dreams every night or at least one every night. The only problem is that we forget our dreams soon after we wake up. There are no traces and so we think that we haven’t had any dream.

When you start reading about Lucid Dreams and your interest rises, You will realize that you remember all your dreams when you get up. The very reason you may end up thinking that you have suddenly started dreaming a lot.

In my case, well, now I can remember most of my dreams. The Lucid Dream Guide said that I have to write them down as soon as I get up or else I may forget, but I have realized that I don’t forget them. I just wake up, think about them and form fragments of my dream. They stay there. And then in the evening, I write them down on my Journal of Lucid Dreams.

So I can now gladly feel that I am one step closer to Lucid Dreams.

Why is remembering your dreams so important?

Because they all come in a pattern. They have a pattern and when you remember your dreams, you can actually find a pattern of their occurring and eventually it would become easier to Lucid Dream.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming A Lot Suddenly – One Step Closer To Lucid Dream

  1. AhmadKhalifa

    the dream has to be so vivid for me to believe am dreaming, i want to hear voices, see faces, places, doing actions, like the last dream i had only it ended up to be so crap of a dream 😀 but it was a dream, and whn i woke up i remembered it and i still do, and talked about it with the heroine of the dream 😀
    sometimes whn i have to wake up to a rough day or i know it’s going to be, i fail to sleep at all, and if do sleep i fall into a maze of non-logic dreams that make believe am still awake, that’s what i hate the most 😦

    good luck with ur journey 🙂 sorry for that long comment 🙂

  2. Thank you miss Aisha, for stopping by for a visit at my blog. I appreciate your follow and welcome you with smiles. I have read some of your work and I can tell you have experienced some real pain, but you have also kept your analytical and curious mind about you. That is a great start. See you around!
    Love and light,

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