A Failed Lucid Dream On Day 6…But Whats The Good News???

Girl Running Away In Chains

Its sad actually when I first think about it because this lucid dream could have been my first Lucid Dream through reality check.

Whats reality check?

If you have been through the tracks of reading books on Lucid Dreaming you would know. For others, well, reality check is a practice that you have to keep doing several times in a day. It includes asking yourself “Am I Dreaming” and then you have to do a reality check of your status.

These reality checks could be anything. Like trying to block your throat (internally) and stop breathing. Or blocking your nose with your index finger and numb. If you can still breathe then you are dreaming.

IΒ devised my reality check by looking at the lines of my hand twice. If I am dreaming, the lines on my hand will change.

Doing this check all day several times will make me ask the same question in my dream.

So the dream I had today, was sort of me running away from 2 kids on the street who are throwing stones at me (LOL. In real life I would have bashed them). Β And while running I remember that I should do a reality check. What if this was a dream. So I stop. Look at my hands several times but the lines on my hand remain the same ( although this isn’t supposed to be possible). I remember only a minor detail that my hand would seem a little bloated from the middle but the lines were same so I fall back into the arms of dream assuming that its real.

The dream continues with me reaching my house and so on not aware that its a dream.

Well, the good news is that I used my reality check in a dream. This has happened for the first time. And another good news is, now I remember most of the dreams that I see which is a good sign as per the books I have read.


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16 thoughts on “A Failed Lucid Dream On Day 6…But Whats The Good News???

  1. uzma


  2. hmm very good Ash πŸ™‚ keep trying one day u will write ur own book of lucid dreaming πŸ˜‰ after reading on ur blog i read some of the articles as well and some excerpts of that book, interesting thing:-)

  3. I’m so interested of this subject because of you! I started reading some books about Lucid dreams, and you seem to have come a long way since you started this. But Aisha isn’t using the lines on your hand as a reality check a little hard, I mean there are all these tiny details! But what would I know! waiting for your next post on Lucid dreams!!

    • Well, You don’t have to look at the finer lines of the hands. The reality checks mentioned included looking at your watch. They will show odd time. Looking at your body if they are perfectly aligned. Checking your pocket if they are empty. And then there is the breathe chocking trick I mentioned.

      Now since I don’t wear a watch and neither do I have pockets in my sleeping pajama (lol) and also all these would make me look weird if I practiced them all day. People would call me crazy. LOL. So I devised my own reality check of looking at my hands. If the lines are same, I am awake. If the lines change or have odd patterns, then I am dreaming πŸ™‚

      I am happy that my blogs have aroused your curiosity πŸ™‚

      • AhmadKhalifa

        like that spinning bee in inception movieeeee :D? if it stopped then u r awake if not, then u r dreaming πŸ˜€

        • I haven’t seen inception yet but a friend of mine has told me to watch it as it is related.

          • AhmadKhalifa

            yeah it’s and it’s sooooo profound too
            u will surleyy like it πŸ™‚

  4. AhmadKhalifa

    well i dont dream much πŸ˜€ if not at all πŸ˜€ but whnvr i have a dream it turns out to be some crazy things running trough my head and i always wake up trying to make sense of things then i fail, so it’s kidna annoying for me :S
    but i cant deny that i had some nice dreams, before and lots of bad ones
    but i have never been in a lucid dream, i guess

    • The best part of reading about this stuff is, realizing that how wrong we have been.

      Like you just said, “I don’t dream much.” Everyone does and in fact every one of us has at least a dream every night. The only issue is we don’t remember any of it when we get up so we assume we did not dream at all.

      I used to think the same, when I wouldn’t see a dream for a few weeks. But as I started practicing, I have realized.

      Well, I am currently doing a blog on this same subject HAHA

      • AhmadKhalifa

        well. dreams are a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig deeep and bottomless world, and it’s very intriguing πŸ™‚ and then there’s deja vu, the whole concept of how the mind works at night alwayz amazed me, i think i wanna read abt ur blog abt lucid dreams πŸ˜€ good luck with it πŸ˜€
        do it after juding our posts πŸ˜€

        • Haha. You don’t fail to make me laugh.

          • AhmadKhalifa

            really :D? I do that too ??? how so ?

            • Well you just made me with that statement “do it after juding our posts.”

              • AhmadKhalifa

                hehehehe πŸ˜€ yeah i was trying to help u prioritize ur thoughts πŸ™‚ so u wont get distracted and get tired πŸ™‚

  5. Aisha, I recommend doing more than one reality check at a time, you can find examples of different reality checks in my ebook. Good luck!

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