My Second Lucid Dream After 4 Days :)

Silhouette Vision Of The Sky

After 5 days of no show my morale was slowly questioning me if I was just wasting my time on books and whether I would really be able to Lucid Dream.

But my determination was intact and so is my practice that I keep doing all day (sometimes it drives me crazy too… (sshhhh don’t tell my brain about this…apparently everything I say or do, it keeps a track of it 😦 lol )


So I put myself to sleep with the techniques I read in books and here is the dream :

The dream is just forming. The visions are blur and still developing. I read about this in book so I guess may be I have put myself in a Lucid Dream. Anyway, Moving on, so I see that the visions are still developing and I realize “OH I MUST BE DREAMING,” soon as I realize this, I get excited and all the visions go out and it turns completely dark.

I am still in the dream although I cannot see anything, Not even myself. So I remember that I read in the book that we have to Rub our hands to stabilize the dream. I rub my hands but the vision does not restore. Then I start wondering if I should rub my hands with my actual hands on the body ( creeeeepy) and I also feel the urge of myself thinking hard to rub my actual hands.

Then I remember that it was also written that we should spin around but then I think that spinning around would be so much of work (omg lol this is so dumb of me….Its the blog I wrote last night… When I was too lazy to do anything…) so I start rolling my eyes instead, trying if that would work.

Then my dream collapses and I wake up.


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4 thoughts on “My Second Lucid Dream After 4 Days :)

  1. One more lucid dream? you gotta tell me which book you’re reading 🙂

    • I have been reading a lot of books and a lot of stuff from the internet. But the book that I loved the most was “Lucid Dreaming – Guide To Inner Self” By Robert Waggoner. The dreams he had and the way he actually confronted them were amazing. The language is simple as it comes from his own life experiences.

      There is also a book from Stephen LaBerge, “Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming” which was really good and talks about various technique.

      Its easy but needs determination.

  2. This is a very interesting Topic Aisha, I used to have theses dreams as well but i didn’t actually know there’s a whole science that discusses them. Thank you for the info.

    • Yeah there sure is. An entire world that we haven’t yet discovered. If you used to have such dreams, why not work on them? It would be easier for you I guess.

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