Too Hungry And Too Lazy… Worst Situation Of Life :(

Garfield Too Lazy To Eat

And its late late late at night and I am still wide awake ( as usual lol) and all of a sudden I realize “I AM HUNGRY.”

For those of you who have a past record of my laziness ( I rather call it “Energetically Challenged”), You will all know how much this situation is difficult for me.

At this point of time since everyone goes off to sleep, the room delivery service of our kitchen closes down while self service remains open 🙂 And that is exactly when my situation gets worse. If I am hungry, I have to make something for myself ( so much work 😦 )

Here I am writing, why??? 


I am writing to distract myself from feeling hungry (It ain’t working though but I am still trying).

You know what???

Now I am hallucinating.

This world is so full of delicious and yummy stuff.

There is Dark chocolate fudge cake…
Strawberry cheese cake…
Spicy Turkey Tacos…
Cheese Fondue With Garlic Bread…
Subwayyyyyyyyyyy personalized sandwich with extra Jalapeno …
Extra Cheese and cheese stuffed crust Chicken BBQ Pizza…

Oh there is Cream Of Chicken Soup…
Chicken Lasagna
Zinger Burgers With Cheese Dipping…

And  omg how can I forget

Chicken Pasta With White Sauce
Chinese Rice With Manchurian
Skewered Beef And Vegetable

ahhhhhhhh… This is making me even more hungry and even more lazier at the same time. That feeling when you want to eat something and the feeling where you just don’t want to do anything. Its pretty frustrating.

Gosh I pray that God does not put anyone in such a bad situation because the pain of this feeling can be too harsh 😦 😦 😦


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4 thoughts on “Too Hungry And Too Lazy… Worst Situation Of Life :(

  1. Ohh man, i am going to bed and now i am hungry lol! 😀

  2. uzma

    u r making other hungry by reminding such wonderful dishes….:(

  3. DARK CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE… MUST… RESIST… hahaha Also I named my cat “Garfield” coz he’s fat and lazy hahahaha 🙂

  4. RedCat430

    You sounds exactly like me! lol

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