Meditation – Inner Self – Lucid Dreams – My New Fascination

Lucid Dreaming - Man On Bed In Sea

Having feeling the stress of a monotonous life and going through the roller coaster of emotions, I had to find a way to relax myself. It very annoying when your brain is working 24/7, literally 24/7 and its even annoying when its multi-tasking.

There is work to be thought about then there is your personal life going through the swirls then there are people to be made happy with your masked happiness then there are also family functions you cannot avoid. The brain keeps doing all day long, but with so much happening, your mind is thinking about everything even at night and you see the same in your dreams.

That’s what had stressed me.

So I decided I would confront my stress, emotions and pains through finding my inner self, realizing my own powers and knowing my strengths.

Starting with meditation and focusing on my inner self.

Then a friend spoke to my about lucid dreams and it kinda made me curious so I downloaded many books on psychology, lucid dreams, how mind works, unconscious mind etc.

Along with that I have started doing some experiments with myself (meditation, finding peace, fighting darkness inside) since past week and the results have baffled, confused, enlightened, curious-ed and  scared me.

So from now on, I will be taking you along with me on “Journey Inside Me” with no exaggeration. Of course its not going to be much exciting ( coz nothing aint gonna happen) and I may go down with all this excitement in few days if my curiosity drains out. LOL

(I think my drugs are causing chemical reactions in me.)


But seriously, What got into me lol.

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3 thoughts on “Meditation – Inner Self – Lucid Dreams – My New Fascination

  1. Girl in veil

    when my poetic mind is at work i also feels the same like its working 24/7 in dreams as well.sometimes i feel irritating but sometimes i feel like at least my mind is not a devil’s workshop its producing some creative pieces of art although they only makes me happy not others:-)

  2. uzma

    i just want to join ur JOURNEY….offcourse through ur page..!!

  3. ahmadkhalifa

    i once tried meditation and it worked like magic 😀 it brought me the person i was thinking about 😀 but i didnt try it ever since 😦 but it’s truly a good exercise and experiment

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