The Broken Bridge Of Faith…

Broken Bridge In Black

My bridge of faith was once so strong when it was new. It shined when the sun light fell on it like a bridge made of gold. It was untouched by anyone, by any storm, by any calamity. It was strong enough that each time I wanted to pass through it, I would happily walk on it humming my favorite song.

And each time I would pass it, I would find an even stronger, even better bridge ahead.

Then as time passed,

Several storms hit my bridge. There were small storms that only caused scratches but then there were huge storms that kept coming one after the other. They were the storms of emotions, decisions, relations and loss.

Although the first few storms couldn’t damage my bridge but you know how it is, isn’t it? When a storm keeps hitting a bridge, its goes through the process of wear and tear, it gets deteriorated and gradually becomes weak.


My bridge is weak. In fact its broken from many places. All my ropes of faith that kept my bridge intact are broken and the only ropes keeping the bridge intact are the ropes of faith in God.

I am yet again standing on this bridge. This time, I am not humming my favorite song because I am scared. I am half way on this bridge and I keep looking back to what I have left behind, to what I have lost behind. And I don’t know that the bridges ahead are weaker than this one.

I am still unsure if I should go back or if I should move on. I am confused.

And it makes it more hard to make the choice when I hardly have any time. I have to make this decision fast because I don’t know how long this bridge will hold.

Below my bridge, is a river of suffocation, agony and negativity. Its dark, very dark.

If my bridge breaks now, I will into this river and I may never be able to catch up another bridge ever again because the tides of this river are flowing with an immense speed of pain.

I am still standing, right in the middle of my broken bridge.




I am trying to move forward but the winds of memories are pushing be back. These forces are too strong coming from the opposite direction, trying to push me behind as I try to move forward and I have no courage to fight them.

Still standing on my broken bridge of faith…

Frozen in a time capsule.

I don’t know if I will make it….. ALIVE…

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One thought on “The Broken Bridge Of Faith…

  1. fawzia

    going through same…..

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