Picture Worth Your Words Contest (Closed)…

Update (16th January) : Contest Closed For Judging

Okay so few days back I announced a contest at “A Contest Coming Up… Participate And Spread The Fire…” for 6th January, 2012 and here it is.

I have the pictures and you have the words :). Look at the picture carefully. Choose which ever picture speaks to you the most and then write down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t give it a second thought because second thoughts come from your mind while first thoughts come from heart.

It can be a blog, poem, story, dialogue, quote…. Simply anything in your words.

Depress me, impress me, make me smile or make me sad….  But your words should impact me…

Picture Worth Your Words Contest.

Below are three Picture Prompts that I found too deep and reflecting different ideas. The first one is my personal favorite, while second one speaks a million words to me all in the same time and third is highly intriguing.

Picture Prompt # 1

Man Falling Off While Angel Stops ItPicture Prompt # 2

Forces Of The Dark And Light

Picture Prompt # 3

Tortured Hand Breaking Out

Rules :

1. Your post should be about the picture only.
2. No abusing or swearing.
3. No copy pasting (needless to say) .
4. Grammar, punctuation and spelling check please.
5. Closing date of the contest is 16th January, 2012.

How To Participate:

1. Make a new post on your blog page. Insert the picture prompt you have chosen to write on.
2. Before starting the post, please  mention that you are doing the post for “Picture Worth Your Words Contest” and link it to this page.
3. Comment on at least 5 other Contest Entries.
4. Copy paste the link of your Contest Entry through comments on this page.
5. Also copy paste the link of 5 Contest Entries that you commented on and also share the reason. (Remember we are here to explore others and be explored).

Some of my Email Subscribers wanted to participate too. So you guys can simply make the post on any of your social networking site and then Copy Paste the link in the comments. Don’t forget you still have to abide by the rules.

Judging Will Be Based On :

1. Appropriate title, relevance to the picture and depth.
2. Rules followed as per said.
3. Comments made by other contestants on your post.
4. Your interest (comments) on other contestant’s post.
5. The effect it makes on mee 😛

Good Luck… 
Make Mommy Proud 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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56 thoughts on “Picture Worth Your Words Contest (Closed)…

  1. Such a great idea … I’m more than just excited to participate 🙂

  2. Girl in veil

    click on the link to see my contribution to this contest , i think i’m the first one to send:-)


    • Thank you so much for participating 🙂 .. Yes you are the first but hopefully you wont be the ONLY ONE *hopes*

  3. Girl in veil

    i’m sure after reading it ash you will change the contest name “your words worth the picture”:-)

  4. amazing images and the messages they convey thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Freedom, by the way

    Oh, my, what dark images. This will require some digging!

  6. thanks for the invitation Aisha. I will try to join you if my muse responses. The photographs you have chosen are amazing, very artistic.

    I have only one condition, which i dont compromise with, reasons are personal, i dont use photographs painted by others in my blog (believe me narcissism has nothing to do with it), i either repaint them in MS paint or skip them totally, will that be alright for participating in your contest?

    i will check out the answer tomorrow. 🙂

    • Oh it isn’t using the images. But well, everyone has their own set of rules ( I know because I have my own too lol. ). You can simply write down which picture prompt you are writing for. Other contestants have done the same.

      Good Luck

      • thanks i will then simply state the number of picture and write. that will be more fun. 🙂
        all the pictures are attractive but i dont think i have the audacity of trying anyone of them with my present skills.

  7. My Entry for the contest http://intertwinedthoughts.blogspot.com/2012/01/helping-hands.html

    I shall respond to other entries shortly!

    Hope it impresses you 🙂

  8. Girl in veil

    Divya the problem is in selection of profile i don’t have any of the given options. so, tell me how to comment and is there any other option or u can add any, contact me as soon as u read this so i can comment on ur blog ,thanx:-)

    • Trying commenting now. I don’t see any problem. If you do, send me an email at divya.palaniappan@gmail.com, will add your comment! Thanks for dropping by!

      • Oh, if its the profile selection, you can comment with an open ID.

        • Divya, I have been trying to comment as well, but neither WordPress profile is working nor Open ID.

          Here is the comment I was making : “Ouch. I wrote a comment and it totally got lost 😦


          Omagosh, Let me catch my breath 🙂
          I actually didn’t think that anyone would opt for this prompt.

          Simple yet so forceful in the meaning. The way you have brought up an optimistic meaning from a depressing image is high commendable.

          Well Done And Good Luck”

  9. Girl in veil


    Uptill now i have commented on these blogs, i liked the way everyone is comming up with unique idea’s of thier own according to pics, waiting for new posts. Again Best of luck to All of U:-)

  10. ahmadkhalifa

    what if i cant find 5 entries ?
    also i hope i will participate in time 🙂

  11. Hi Aisha, I loved the idea of the contest. Hope I’m not to late, here’s the link to my post, and I’ll be by tomorrow for part 2 of the contest: http://ranaarmoush.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/when-an-angel-cries/.

  12. Aishaaaaa… Back to part two of the contest I commented on the posts of 3 contestants but my comments are awaiting approval. and I wasn’t able to comment on Divyas’ post, but I found it very remarkable, I think she chose the hardest picture! and made a poetic scene out of it, I love it!.
    Is there any step that I’ve missed! Thank you.

    • Nope thats pretty much everything 🙂

      Thank you so much for showing the zeal and interest.

      • I also commented on Ahmad and Parry’s entries, this contest has really got us to learn about other wonderful blogs ans bloggers, I honestly say I loved each and every post I read! Well Done Aisha by starting this you deserve an applause and would love to read a post from you on one of these pictures after the contest 🙂

  13. I have commented on this post

    I am really enjoying being a part of this contest,

    It is so unfortunate that none of you are able to comment on my blog! I think it’s problem with blogger, only google accounts make it smooth to the comments section.

    I am gone fish for some resolution on the net and fix this soon.

    Thanks for trying hard to comment on my blog !

  14. Yaaaaaaaay, I finally made it here 😀
    here is the link for my poem, hope you’ll like it 🙂

  15. Also commented on this poem
    What an amazing entry from the Angel’s point of view..!!
    I loved her desperation to keep her loved one away from hurting himself

  16. ahmadkhalifa

    Aisha, i think am about to participate now 😀 better late than never, right :D? wish me luck :d now i understand the whole rules 😀

    • Hurry up…. The contest gets closed within few hours 🙂

      • ahmadkhalifa

        am on it now 😀

      • ahmadkhalifa

        i guess am done 😀 just have to find 5 posts to comment on 😀

  17. Hi Aisha! I am having a blast reading the entries, I know you are. Thank you so much for the contest and giving us a chance to explore.

    One of the entries made me cry, one chilled my bones, one amazed me, and all of them inspired me.

    Although I commented on more than five posts, here are my five links for you. I loved all of them!


    Please let me know if you hold another contest in the future. I had fun! Thank you.

  18. Good luck everyone!

    I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone I think each post was awesome and unique in their own way. You all inspired me and I enjoyed getting to know all of you through your writing. I really loved your poems and stories.

  19. I unspamed the comment, Aisha. Thank you!

    I also commented on those entries too


    Unfortunatly, I’m not able to comment on Divya’s poem so, I’ll leave the comment here:
    “I may die, I may wither, I may snap
    but i will never give up trying to help.”

    Just the perfect words to fine “HOPE & DETERMINATION” even in the hardest situations! Amazing one Divya.
    All the best with the contest 🙂

  20. And this is my 5th comment on Rana’s story:

    Thanks a lot Ash for this opportunity. It was amazing. First; writing an entry for the contest. And second; going through the other contestant’s entries to read amazing words and thoughts 🙂

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